I did again  
I did again  
What did I gain
WHHAAA- swipe :)  
Here I am and it's ten fifty five at night I'm swiping again at them dating apps mrrraaagh  
I don't really know what I stand to gain again I'm faced with this argument  
(Like do you ever read the room or your emotions?)  
I have no self control when it comes to being alone I don't
(And repetition doesn't drive you crazy?)
Awh man, I'm glad now that you asked it's been the 4th month back to back with this  
(With what?)  
Whit this!  
(What's that?)  
"Hey? Hello. Hi. How's life?"
Left, on-read  
That's nice.  
"What's your sign?"
My what?  
Can't conversate or keep the time
(You do realize that people have their lives)
I do, I do and I don't mind  
(The wait?)
The drag of time. It's something else I have in mind.  
"So what do you do"  
(Ahhhhh that's what's got your scrambled mind)  
I did it again
I did it again  
What did I gain  
What did I gain
Swipe :)  
In part I mean what's there to do but chase your heart I don't fit here so I depart. More options there I played the part but what do you care if it tares me apart. See that's the thing that rubs me bad. Opportunity falls on my lap and what? Am I to say no thanks, know what? I'll stay right here fuck that.
(Okay roll it back your getting mad)
Build something? Nah inconceivable.
Not when they're around nah.
But they'll benefit regardless down the line if you played the fool and stayed available.  
(What? don't say that)  
And let you teach me about snakes? they'll climb that wall if it ain't scalable.  
(Well what are you referring to)
I can't get no date unless they down to fuck it's like they're unavailable.
And that's not to represent the rest though if someone replays after that date it's bleak, occasional.  
They all want a guy that has a 9-5  
I tied it's not my vibe  
What I want out of life seems unobtainable
I'm not a normal guy my appetite these days just seems insatiable  
I don't want this I don't want that I want It all, resolve? Unshakable.  
And I can't have no 1on1 with y'all that's not sustainable.
These days if you want 1 out of them all to stick around they seem incapable.  
Rest assured the tables switch and now; same argument? Debatable.  
They can't wait to reach the end it's like a race to see who's bent on making gains yet all your lanes have caps.
Then what? Some of you settle and some of you jump from raft to boat untill you reach a yhcat.  
swipe :)
I did it again  
I did it again
I did it again  
What's that that I gained?
What did I gain
I'll do it again
I'll do it again  
Swipe.  :)
Written by MidKnight
Author's Note
Just a introspective price on dating apps based on my own experiences
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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