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She Loves Master Chapter 19, Part 6 of 9

She Loves Master
Chapter 19, Part 6 of 9

“Just like her mother and grandmother,” Ben interjects. “Oh, My GOD. I am a grandmother again. Where is Mike?” Margaret asks as they leave Mandy and Reba to recover. They head back downstairs, and they find Mike in the pool area with Chlorine and Corine sucking on his cock and Zorine riding his face. “Micheal, your daughter just had her triplet girls,” Margaret says as Zorine climaxes for the umpteenth time. “That is great news, Ben. You are right. Virgin cum tastes different. I love the taste of virgin cum”.

“Well, Mike, if you like virgin cum you can suck on my pussy” Layla says as she undresses and goes over and straddles his face. “Ladies, there are two rules in this house. No clothes are to be worn by any woman in the house. Two, no hair below the neckline,” Becky tells them. Layla has a nice bush on her. Zoe, Zoey, and Leah all need to have their brushes shaved. “Let's go get those pussies shaved,” Becky tells them.

While Becky is shaving pussies, Ben goes up to his bedroom and lies down. Lidalila sneaks into the room, lies beside Ben, and tells him, “I want to be yours, Master.” She kisses him and then starts kissing his chest and eventually works her way down to BIG FELLA. Lidalila kisses, licks, and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard after a while. When BIG FELLA is hard, Lidalila gets on top of Ben and rubs her slit on the shaft of BIG FELLA getting her wet.

Lidalila cries out an orgasm. As she does, Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy and pushes her down on BIG FELLA breaking her hymen.

“Master, that did not hurt as badly as I thought. I am now a woman; I am your woman, Master,” Lidalila says as she starts to work up and down on BIG FELLA. Her pussy is gripping the mighty thick shaft of BIG FELLA as she works it in and out of her pussy. Julie and her sister Dana come into the room looking for Laurie. They see Ben enjoying his new slave and come over to watch.

Julie and Dana kiss their Master and then their new sister, “Welcome to the family,” Julie says as she strokes Lidalila's breast; Dana sucks on the other one. This makes Lidalila climax almost immediately. Julie pushes Lidalila further down on BIG FELLA, which makes her climax again, “Baby, I am going to put BIG FELLA into your womb and pour my seed into your womb,” Ben tells her. “OK, Master, pour your seed into me. This is fantastic, I love this,” Lidalila says as she starts having another orgasm. Ben rolls her over and starts pounding her cervix with long, deep strokes that push her cervix and stretch it. She starts screaming in pain; Julie and Dana tell her to relax and let it happen. That it only hurts the first time, and the pain will go away, and all she will feel is pleasure.

Ben pounds her cervix for 30 minutes before it relents and gives way to BIG FELLA. Ben then pushes BIG FELLA to the back of her womb. He pulls out and then goes back into her womb.

He does this for forty-five minutes and then erupts into her womb. Becky enters with Roxanne and her sisters and sees Ben lying with Lidalila, Julie, and Dana.

“Time to get your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on your lower back with your sister Lidalila,” Becky tells her. “Yes, Mistress Becky,” Lidalila says as she kisses Ben and rubs his chest. “How was your first time, Lidalila?” Julie asks. “It was great. I came repeatedly while Master made love to me,” Lidalila says as she gets up. “It helped that you and Dana sucked on my breasts as I rode his mighty cock”

Becky takes the five of them to see Sheila. Becky tells Sheila that the twins need their names on their shoulders, and they all need their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos. When Becky comes back to the master suite, Ben is gone. She goes downstairs and looks for Ben; she checks the living room, the indoor and outdoor pool, and the exercise room. Finally, she finds him in the game room with Julie, Dana, Helen, Heather, Erin, Elana, Brianna, Harper, Sydney, and Destiny.

Erin ridden Ben as Eun Hee, Eun Jung, Eun Kyung, and Eun Mi joined the group. Ben smiles at Becky and asks Brianna and her friends to repeat what they asked him to do to Becky.

“Mistress Becky, I have been talking to my mother, and they want to see where I live now. Now that I am back in the States. My mother lives in Miami with my sisters. She is a nurse,” Harper says. “I have also been talking to my mother, and she wants to meet Ben; she lives in North Carolina on the coast north of Myrtle Beach,” Destiny tells Becky. “We have all been talking to our mothers, and they all want to meet Ben and see where we live now,” Brianna tells her.

“Well, Ben has something important coming up that will take a couple of months to complete. He must complete this task; our safety is in danger,” Becky says. “I have no problem with your families. Come and see how we live and that you are loved,” Becky tells them. “Family is essential to me, ladies, essential. What I must do in the next few months will ensure our family's safety. Why do you think there are guards posted around the estate? Everyone here is free to come and go as they choose. I am not forcing anyone to stay here against their will,” Ben tells them all. “All my slaves know this; I make this abundantly clear to everyone,” he continues.

Ben lays in the game for several days, enjoying the love of his many slaves. They only break for meals and a quick shower from time to time. By the time he is finished making love to his newest slaves, it is time to start the FBI agent's demise. His operatives call and tell him they will pick up Phillip's family. Ben smiles, gets dressed, leaves the mansion, and drives around until he sees Phillip following him. He then calls Stephanie and Paula, and they pull him over on the side of the highway. Ben circles and confronts Phillip, “Phillip, you have been warned by your supervisors at the FBI to back off. You just lost your job with the bureau. I hope this was worth it,” Ben says to him.

Phillip looks up at him to say something, and Ben says, "This is my town, my county that you have stumbled into. I have been made aware of every move you have made. My friends are everywhere. You were warned about what would happen if you did not back off,” Ben tells him.

Phillip takes a swing, and Paula shoots him and drops him. “You better leave Mr. Barnes. We will take care of him. He has a track record for disorderly conduct and abusing Police Officers,” Paula tells him. Ben gets in his car and heads back to the mansion and has dinner with the family.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, for the last six months, most of you know I have had someone following me. Tonight that ends; I have made preparations to make him stop this harassment permanently. We will be having guests in the basement. None of you are allowed down there; this is for your protection. Hopefully, we will have new family members and one less pest in the world in two months. I have not decided what to do with this person yet. I will leave that up to his family to decide. All of you will be informed of our decision when that time comes,” Ben tells everyone at dinner.

After dinner, Ben spends some alone time with Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn, and Peggy. He tells them precisely what he is doing, and Peggy is the first to speak, “Master, kill him. Make an example of him so that no one else bothers us again. We are not hurting anyone”. “What do you think, Laurie, Brooklyn?” Ben asks. “I agree with Peggy; let's make an example of this person,” Laurie says, and Brooklyn agrees.

Ben's operatives are outside FBI agent Phillip's house. They are in several vans and take turns monitoring his house. On this night, they will take Phillip's wife, Mira, and her sisters, Angelika and Anneliese. Mira's daughters Margarete and Michaela are old twins; Gina is nine, and Phillip's daughter. Also on the kidnap list are Marsha (20), Layla and Haley (19), and eighteen-year-old Joanie.

The operatives don't realize that Mira's best friend, Rose, and her triplets (Lauren, Troi, and Beverly) are also there. They wait until midnight and pick the lock. They back up a box truck at the garage door. The twelve operatives make their way into the bedrooms and drug the women so they will not wake up until they are safely in the basement of Ben's mansion in Alabama.

When loaded in the van, they drive to the local, regional airport and load them onto Ben's private jet, piloted by Steve Rodgers. The operatives load the fourteen women onto the plane and take off. The flight is a little over three hours long. When they arrive, they load the girls in two pickup trucks and head to the mansion.

They bring the ladies into the mansion and take them down to the specially prepared bedrooms in the basement. Ben has rigged one room that Phillip will be in and be able to watch and hear everything that Ben does to the women. They take each woman to uniquely prepared rooms with a toilet and a bed. When they are all assembled, they leave the ladies behind locked doors. They board the plane again and return it to Phillip's hometown to return the van.

Ben goes into each room and proceeds to strip each woman. He shaves the women that need to have their pussies shaved. He then gives them three shots: one is a hormone shot, another is for their libido, and the final image is a fertility drug. Ben has already prepared their drinking water to come from a particular tank that has the libido and fertility drugs already mixed in.

Ben is going to give the nineteen and eighteen-year-old girls hormone drugs in their food to speed up their maturity.

Ben has prepared for this for a couple of months. He is going to keep them down here in their separate rooms for a month before he captures, tortures, and does a couple of body modifications on Phillip.

The following day, Ben carries down the food cart for the ladies. He first enters Mira's cell and says, “Good Morning, Mira. I have breakfast for you. Be good and eat it all”. She screams, “Why have you kidnapped me? HELP! HELP! PLEASE HELP!”. “First, Mira. This room is soundproof, and we are miles away from anybody that can hear us. I kidnapped you because your husband, Phillip, will not leave me and my family alone. We are not bothering anybody, and his superiors at the FBI have told him to back off and stand down, but he refuses. Your husband has been fired, and he continues to harass me and my family. He will be homeless and without his family. I wish I did not have to do this, but there is no other way.

You will come to enjoy your time here. I have your daughters, sisters, and your best friend and her girls. Enjoy your meal.”

Ben then leaves and locks the door. He goes to each room and gives them the food. He goes to the monitoring room and sees them reluctantly eat their food. Their OJ is laced with a drug that will make them very cooperative. Ben does this three times a day for ten days. At night, he brings the young lady ice cream with a special sauce, his sperm. It also has an extra dose of hormones, fertility drugs, and a double dose of female Viagra.

After a while, Mira, Angelika, and Anneliese are becoming very horny. Rose is also becoming horny. Ben witnesses them masturbating regularly.

Ben sets the recording on in Rose's room and goes in there to bring her a late-night dessert. He has cheesecake with special whipped cream on top.

He gives it to her, and she eats it, and he tells her, “Rose, I am sorry that you and your daughters got caught up in Phillip's punishment. Will you pardon me? I have got to use the toilet”. Ben gets up, takes BIG FELLA out, and starts urinating into the bowl. Rose hears it, and it sounds like Ben is using a fire hose.

Rose gasps and says, “That is fucking huge.” Ben has already done an HIV/STD test on the women who are not virgins. That being Mira and her sisters, Rose and Marsha. They all came back clean. Ben finishes pissing and shakes BIG FELLA. He turns around and says, “This little thing”. Rose is extra horny with all the drugs in her system, and the sight of BIG FELLA drops to her knees and begins sucking on BIG FELLA. “Mister, that is one huge cock” Rose says as she takes him out of her mouth. She sucks on him until he is challenging.

“Please fuck me, put that thing inside of me. I want to feel that huge cock stretching my pussy” Rose says as she gets on her back and spreads her legs. “Please, Mister, fuck me, make love to me. Please put that huge fucking cock inside of me,” Rose pleads. “I don't know. Let me think about it for a while,” Ben says as he puts BIG FELLA back in his pants and starts for the door. “Please, I will do anything.” Ben smiles and says, “If I fuck you in your pussy I am going to then fuck you in your ass.”

Rose looks worried; she is hot and horny and tells Ben, “OK, OK, I will let you put it anywhere you want. Just fuck me”. Ben then gets undressed and goes over to her, and pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. Rose lets out a loud moan, and Ben begins to pound her. He fucks her for an hour, occasionally smiling for the cameras. He leans over and whispers in Rose's ear, “When I fuck a woman, I always cum in her womb.” “Please don't; I am not on birth control,” Rose tells him as he begins his assault on her cervix. It takes him 45 minutes to push through her cervix, and she cries out that it hurts.

“Rose, it will get better the more we do it. I will always cum in your womb,” Ben tells her as he pumps her womb for an hour before pouring a massive load into her. He exits her womb and then rests inside of her pussy. “How was that, Rose?” Ben asks as he sits up. “Best fucking sex that I have ever had. You are a fucking god like your tattoo says. Who is Becky and Laurie?”

“They are my wives. I have many; I love them dearly,” Ben says. “What would they say if they saw what you just did?” Rose asks. “What, give you what you wanted? “They know I am down here with you, Mira, and your girls. They support me and my decision. This is just the first time we are going to fuck a lot from now on. Oh, by the way. I am going to fuck your daughters also,” Ben tells Rose.

“Please don't. They are only thirteen. Not my angels, not Lauren, Troi, and Beverly. They are virgins, and you will split them wide open with that cock of yours,” Rose pleads with him.

“Their pussies will stretch to accommodate my length and girth. They will come to enjoy having sex with me. I will get all three pregnant within a month. You will be a grandmother, and I will get you pregnant, also. There is nothing you can do about it, so relax and enjoy it,” Ben tells her. Rose starts crying as Ben takes his pills and strokes BIG FELLA hard.

He flips Rose over and puts her on her hands and knees; Ben pushes BIG FELLA against her tight anal sphincter. It takes him a good ten minutes before he finally passes her anal ring and sinks five inches into her making her scream out in pain. Ben ruthlessly pounds her ass into submission.
Fucking her ass for two hours before pulling out and pushing deep into her womb and pouring a second load into her womb.

“You see, Rose, you and your daughters are mine. I am going to breed all four of you. Your daughters are going to give birth every eighteen months. I am feeding them fertility drugs now so they produce more than one egg. Hopefully, they will have triplets or more each,” Ben tells her.

“You plan to keep us here? For how long?” Rose asks. “By the time I am done, you will all want to stay with my family. That will become clear later. If you become a part of the family, you will be given privileges; if you don't, you will stay down here and just be bred and produce babies.
Either way, I win, and Phillip loses. He will eventually take his own life or beg me to kill him,” Ben tells her.

Ben then puts on his clothes, goes over, puts her on her back in the bed, and kisses her on her lips. “The sooner you accept this, the better it will be for you. You enjoyed having my cock inside of you, didn't you, Rose?” Ben asks her. “Yes, I did,” Rose says. Ben whips the tears from her eyes. “I will be more gentle the first couple of times I fuck your daughters. I want them to enjoy it. They are already horny as hell and always stare at my package. I think tomorrow I will get a little piece of each for breakfast,” Ben tells her. She turns over and starts to cry.

Ben leaves and goes and edits the video. He then puts it on a DVD and loads it onto a laptop. He goes and visits Mira.

“Mira, how are you doing tonight?” Ben asks. “Why do you care?” Mira asks. “I want you to be comfortable. I have something to show you. He starts up the movie by showing Rose sucking on his cock and then him pounding her pussy and then her ass. He shows her him pouring his seed into her womb twice and her belly being expanded by the load.

He then takes the laptop out of the room and then comes back. He unzips his fly and pulls BIG FELLA out. He shows her his cock. Mira involuntarily licks her lips and starts to sweat. “Mira, I am not going to force you to have sex with me. You will eventually beg me to have sex with you,” Ben says. He then zips up and then leaves. Ben goes back into the monitoring room and witnesses Mira masturbating. He smiles at her masturbating from watching the video he just showed her.

Ben has an idea; he takes the video and shows it to Anneliese. When she is finished watching it, he sees her disconcerted by what she has seen. He takes the laptop out of the room, starts recording her room, and returns and takes BIG FELLA out. “Do you want to have sex with BIG FELLA?” Ben asks her.

“No, I can't. It would tear me up,” Anneliese says. “You will adapt to my size. I will be gentle until you tell me you can handle it,” Ben tells her.
“Why are you doing this? Why did you kidnap me, and I assume everybody else in the house?” she asks him. “Your brother-in-law threatened my family and my lifestyle even though his superiors at the FBI told him to back off and stand down. I tried every other way to get through to him.
This is my last resort”. “Phillip is a terrible husband to my sister. Fuck him, I am not going to pass up that cock for that asshole. Fuck me. What are you going to do with Phillip?” Anneliese asks.

As Ben undresses, he tells her he has not decided. When he is completely undressed, he goes over to her, and she sucks on BIG FELLA. Getting him hard, she licks the bottom around the head and the top of BIG FELLA's shaft. She sees his cock tattoo and looks up at him, and says that is appropriate. Once he is hard, he sucks on her pussy, making her cum hard. “Fuck you can suck pussy good,” Anneliese says. “I have had much practice,” Ben says as he lines up BIG FELLA and pushes him deep inside of her pussy, making her scream out, “Fuck that is huge. Go slow, slower. Oh fuck that is huge”. Ben pushes into her and pulls out, and then pushes a little further into her pussy. It takes him a good 45 minutes before he reaches her cervix. “You haven't had many lovers, have you, Anneliese?” Ben asks.

“No, you are just my fourth lover. You keep fucking me like this, and I won't want another,” Anneliese says. “I am your first black lover, though,” Ben asks. “Yes, Yes, I love this. You know how to fuck” Anneliese says. “Anneliese, I always cum in my lover's womb. I am going to pass through your cervix and pump my load into your womb,” Ben tells her. Anneliese asks if that is even possible. Ben starts pumping her hard and fast and begins to jackhammer her cervix. He has already been fucking her for an hour, and it takes him another hour before he breaks through her cervix and starts fucking her womb. When he pushes past her cervix, Anneliese screams out in pain and then begins to moan and groan. She screams out her twenty-fifth orgasm and professes her love for his love-making. When he is about to cum, Ben lifts and smiles at her and starts pouring his semen into her.

It takes him twenty minutes to stop Cuming. He falls back down on her and yelps, “What the fuck is your name?”. “I am Ben, Anneliese. I have many women I make love to and take care of,” he tells her. “Well, Ben, you can have this pussy whenever you want,” Anneliese says. Ben smiles and kisses her as he exits her pussy with a pop. When he gets up, she sucks BIG FELLA clean.

“I am serious when I tell you can have this whenever you want. Fuck Phillip, I never liked him anyways. He has been ignoring Mira for too long; if there is anything you need to know, ask me. Who is Laurie and Becky? And who is Peggy? You have her name tattooed on your ass,” Anneliese says.

“Becky, Laurie, and Peggy are my wives. I have another wife named Brooklyn. I have many women in my charge. I love them all; most have given me children multiple children, and some are pregnant. I am their Master, and they are my slaves. I probably have over 270 or so slaves. I fuck them regularly, all of them. I am a wealthy and powerful man. I love women and hate that I have to resort to this. I don't like taking women by force,” Ben tells her.

“Ben, if you didn't fuck me, I would have stripped you and raped you. I want to be your slave; please let me prove my worth to you,” Anneliese says. “Well, I am going to get you pregnant. I am going to keep fucking you as much as I can. I am going to take your nieces also. Do you have a problem with that?” Ben asks. “Master, they will be lucky to lose their virginity to a man like you. You know how to pound some pussy. I will welcome you getting me pregnant. You are going to get us all pregnant, aren't you?” Anneliese says.

“That is the plan; I am going to wait a couple more weeks and capture Phillip; by that time, Mira will be crawling up the walls for me to fuck her. I want Phillip to watch me take his wife and daughters. I plan on torturing him. I have purchased ball clamps to tighten around his testicles and tighten them. I also plan to have his cock pierced through the shaft and chained down to his scrotum to prevent him from having an erection. I will then give him regular doses of Viagra as I fuck his women,” Ben says as Anneliese laughs.

“I like that, Ben, Master. I want to get something that proves to anybody who sees me that I am yours. Maybe a tattoo,” Anneliese asks. “Prove yourself, and I will think about it,” Ben tells her. “What can I do to prove that I want to be yours?” she asks him. Ben takes BIG FELLA in hand and tells her, “Willingly give me your ass. Let me pound your ass.”

“Oh, Master, I am a virgin. I have never had anal sex, but I guess if I was ever to lose, it might as well be with a guy who knows how to fuck” Anneliese says as she leans over and sucks on BIG FELLA. Once he is hard, she takes him out of her mouth. She gets on her hands and knees as Ben pushes BIG FELLA against her virgin sphincter. When Ben breaks through, there is a popping sound, and Anneliese cries, “Master, it hurts, it hurts bad.”

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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