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The Ordained Rite Of Passage (The Oungan)

May the soft winds of my culture speak the faith of my tongue    
May my Hebrew ancestors uphold the credence of my intellect  
May my footsteps propel me forward where my pilgrimage will not be in vain  
This incantation is about the wickedness of the human heart and sometimes, yes God uses his most humbling servants to do battle to balance the scales of good and evil, therefore, sometimes you most utilize the tongue of evil and the sword to castrate the wicked tree to make room to sow the reaping of good harvest.      
In a better sense of judgment, take Lucifer the highest and most Cherub in Heaven until he tried to overtake the third Heaven upon where God sits.      
It was his envious not as he stood as the highest, but the knowledge, and spiritual wisdom he did not ordain by his hand but found in the knowledge of the Creator.      
Can you image Lucifer knowing who stood in the upper class of Heaven, yet he could not give life or ordain the bylaws of spiritual reincarnation, he could not confess out of his mouth, sacred incantations to bestow the Angels as the roamed in seeking to balance the throes of Heaven.      
Such a hardened jealousy to sit by and watch miracles of the tongue when his was silent to manifest, for him to realize he was limited, it became the comfort of his hidden bitterness.    
One cannot find favor in divine righteous for which one does not possess, and that empty allotment became Lucifer’s catalyst, of his weakness to stir trouble water.      
Into the darkness he was cast, metaphorically speaking, I never did like the darkness and what it stands for, you cannot see the gifts of the light, or feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.      
Whereas God ordained Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel to fight Lucifer and his Angels resulting of him being ousted out of Heaven and taking one third of his Angels with him.      
Once in the fiery abyss, he become Satan, a devil in disguise, and those wicked Angels upon this earth they do roam confusing the masses by influence or by deception, abiding unto and their treacherous satanic father, whom we must indirectly deal with on daily basis.      
Lucifer’s Delight Led God to Forged Him Out of Heaven As an introduction of God, we all know that Lucifer used to be created just right (Genesis 1:31; Ezekiel 28:13). If truth be told, Scripture asserts that Lucifer began out as “innocent” in all his tactics, and because the type of perfection, filled with knowledge and highest in good looks (Ezekiel 28:12-15).      
The acts by gun violence, knife, medications, and technology, the grimness of evil for wish you can touch, taste, or feel.      
The mind is the synagogue of your temple that manifests the trench of malevolent.      
No one starts out evil, it is like a cancer, it starts as a minuscule and then it spreads rapidly, and when it does poison its course, it takes other embodied healthy minds of people with it to join in the wrath of its detrimental journey soiling the path in its wake, but unfortunately never the source its origin (the person itself).      
In life, ordained swords are meant to take down or cut at the roots the causes of discontent slowly, not by wicked deeds but by the word of the tongue, and since I never needed a sideline, silence has always been my greatest reward and with my convictions of the sacred practices, in addition, with the grace of Allah, I am comforted by that alone.      
Sometimes it can be insidious in its amazement when eyes must sit idly by and witness immorality, when it is not of the greater good, but our Creator does not manifest His better judgment as a human mind would think.      
That is what is meant by, “It’s God’s will”      
In as much, thy will shall be done on earth as it was in Heaven      
Regarding a fallen Angel, we all fall short in the glory of God, once out of the womb we are birthed in the universal of sin, not by being an infant, but by the sinful deeds of man, or these days a woman.      
I have incorporated my Sunday posted poem upon the answer for which silently asked, and I hope I was able to shed some insight.      
We now have war among nations, and not in the name of Allah.  
Since I have embarked on a universal spiritual transformation, I can come to appreciate the misunderstand as to how the human mind computes, even in its most exalted stage, can become its own diversion from its pre-ordained existence.  
Accountability always lies in the confirmation to sustain or move forward. The complexities of the brain’s two hemispheres, which in its purest state have always fascinated me.    
I will elaborate more in depth on this very universal issue since there seems to be many variables concerning such a vital organ which indirectly or directly relates to our spirituality.    
Everyone please have a blessed day and, on your journey in life stay straight on your path and shine your beautiful light in the camouflage of its spiritual dimness, nurse’s orders.  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
First Quarter: We see the first quarter phase as a half moon.


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