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The Miseducation Of The Hebrew Male

Where do I even begin when speaking on the Creatorís most trusted creation, and please allow my mind to set aside all bias notations of Godís men.

The center of his creation is the ideology of His rod and His staff.
His mantra of being surely must bring his path comfort and a of joy in the evolution of his existence.

The salvation of the Hebrew man Golden salvation from where he stands to the head upon where he rests his thoughts if found within the blessed confession from out his mouth.

Society would say why not his heart, why not his mind, why not in the labor of his hands.

However, I would like to be more philosophical and explore his genetic components, to mold his cognitive awareness.

I love men in general and to study the mind of the opposite sex was one of my most gifted hypotheses while in college, and no I am not just speaking regarding his DNA components or neither will I downgrade or upgrade the ability of his presence to make irrelevant points of no interest, or to make my assessments appear to be lacking in substance.

In addition, there are so many variables to label a gender who is the universal first creation, and not sound bias.

If you expand in meditation your pineal gland and explore what is behind that third eye, yes, the pathway to divine enlightenment will gift your own intellect it true answers whereas, they need any questions.

Have The Hebrew Man Been Pre-Conditioned To Block The Full Potential Of His Mind

I am taking about the mind and then a breakdown of races, what makes man submit under the contextual of his ideology, giving credence to the sound of his heart, mind, body, and if he is morally adapted to his surroundings, and if his credence gives spiritual manifestations to his soul, or unfortunately if he has detrimental deviations, with that paradox stated, how does he pamper such a frailty psyche to uplift or better yet inspire that aspect.

This is where you have the developing formations found in a person who has sociopathic characteristics.

In all my Medial Straight Talk Live journals, I will always advise anyone to contain the embodiment of those brain hemispheres soundly encased in the vessel.

We maintain our temple with the right amount of food to fuel our brainpower, water to keep the temple hydrated, and a spiritual fasting to keep our thoughts pure and conscious when positively expressing them.

This is where the breakdown of man versus himself must be justified more in depth, and hopefully, I can give you a resourceful outlook on some potential concerns that I find compelling or may have future consequences for a young male adult.

Without Peace of Mind, Even The Rich Man is Poor

The Single Parent Household

This study to me has always been debatable, does the growth and aptitude to a path of greatness depends on if there is a male in the household. Technically I would say no, hypothetically speaking, I would have to say, yes.

There seems to be two conflicts of interest here. Any parent would always see to the needs of their child, provide his/her, food, clothes, and shelter.

There are so many gifted children who were reared from single parent households and that include both male and female, however, for a thriving male child coming into his own, how important is it really for a male to have a father figure in the home.

I will have to give you several, the first love of a male child is usually his mother, and his first honor as a male is usually given unto his father. The seeds of his loins, the greatness that lays the foundation of his next generation.

A woman, even as parent could and should raise a male child, but there comes the disciplinarian of her intermingling the roles of both the female and of the male. It becomes the sole duty for her to implement and then as a parent she must pre-conditioned that male child with how to accept himself as being a man, how to adopt within the conformities of society, and how to survive once he is rooted.

Within that structure of a two parent household a father figure input is very strong, his voice of reasoning is sound when a male is coming into his own, I am sure he would have several questions, primarily, when he is facing the peer pressure of society sex, drugs, or even inquiring about the mentality of his gender.

These are the conversations that enriches a male, the beginning of him leaning how to bond, what secrets to keep, what emotions to show, and what feelings to retain.

Those missed child, teenager, and adolescent lessons from a father, does it affect how a man who letís say do not have the means to become a future NBA or MLB, of NFL player, will he carry his other lessons in now his mother dealt with her shame, her anger, and how she survived.

I will explain on this Straight Talk Live piece in my next

I was raised by both of my parents then I had to reside with my grann, and between you and I, my grann, was and she is one hundred years old and still is stern as ever, †I love you grann.

Until the assessment of beautiful lives entwine and history greets the curiosity of our minds, hearts, to uprise our soul, be safe in your path.

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SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This will be three-part series. I hope you have the time to read all three, they will all intermingle, and hopefully, more answers than more questions.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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