a town I Knew

A Town I knew

He was born in a narrow-minded town where a Christian
the party was in power, and there were rules for acceptable
behavior by stern people who liked to tell others what
is right, of course, including a religious attitude
a Pakistani scholar who, due to a navigational error
came to our town, left quickly through the town
reminded him  of a town, called Laura in his country
The leaders of our town, also interfered with how houses should look, white or pale yellow was allowed
A rebel painted his house red, which actually used to be
a traditional color on barns, the law fined him, said
the house represented a fire hazard.
There were many missionaries around who went to Africa to educate the blacks, it was regarded as a high calling
doing God's work among the heathen
Little did they understand how racist they were seeking
implant a foreign God in a confused country
about what the missionaries called democracy.
Later, when a new political party came to power, white
a word of shame, we who had never seen a black person, except for the cook on a banana boat, so well-liked by the ladies, the captain had to go ashore to find him.
This brings us to the Jews, who had suffered cruelly and
and deserved a state of their own, anyone who tried to
disagree were called ant-Semitic
This was in stark contrast to the Jews we knew, who were viewed with suspicion as con artists
As for the Palestinians, weren't they Arabs going to Arabia, where they belonged
We know now that the Hebrews had weaponized the holocaust
at last, we see the ugly face of Israel
 , a land they stole
from the Palestinians
Israel wants more, they need the Gaza Strip,
 to construct
a big commercial harbor, and who knows, a canal all the way to Jerusalem
So, what's next for Palestine?
The Hamas, called terrorists today, like the late Begin of
Stern gang once was,
Tomorrow, Quin Sabe?
Written by oskar
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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