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 Manhattan, New York    
Upper West Side    
Marcus lifted the saturated loofah and wrung it over Zaniyah’s shoulder blade.    
The soapy water droplets slid down her skin.    
Marcus pulled Zaniyah back against his chest.    
“Baby, let me ask you a question.”    
Zaniyah pivoted her head upward.    
“And answer me honesty, strictly off the record.”    
“Would you just ask me the question handsome?”    
“Are you into drug trafficking?”    
Zaniyah sat up and fully turned around.    
“Excuse me.”    
“Baby your art gallery is being used to store Cocaine and maybe even Heroin.”    
“I resent that implication.”    
“Baby, a simple yes or no would suffice.”    
“Am, I speaking to Marcus…”    
“Significant other.”    
“Yes, my significant other, or Marcus the federal agent director.”    
“Actually both.”    
“Marcus, my family may be into some crooked shit, but that particular tastes is something my father has always deterred from.”    
“Then can you explain to me, how those two fucks who works alongside your father were seen coming and going out of your art gallery this afternoon. Both of them were carrying two crates, and in my best estimate, I would say drugs were inside.”    
“You said crates, right.”    
“Yes, small enough to have someone paid in the Foreign Trade Zone to look the other way before both crates were inspected and an invoice produced.”    
“Oh Marcus, there was this man of foreign descent just at my art gallery days ago. He forewarned me if I did not locate his crate by tomorrow he will burn down my art gallery.”    
Marcus gathered his arms around Zaniyah’s waist and pulled her against his wet hirsute chest wall. He kissed her on the lips; he palmed the sides of her face and uplifted it.    
“You know I’ll never let anyone near you to hurt you, right.”    
“I know.”    
“And your art gallery has now been seized by the DEA until further notice.”    
“How about my assistant Nikki. I will have to contact her.”    
“No need, she was the first person the DEA, and then the FBI interviewed. She fully corroborated your story. This morning I had to get a federal judge to sign a search warrant to confiscate the surveillance tape from your art gallery.”    
“And why wasn’t I contacted of these developments.”    
“Because, I am sleeping with my conflict of interest, and I did not want you playing superwoman, and get yourself killed.”    
“Talk about the last one to know.”    
Marcus squeezed Zaniyah tighter.    
“It’s a part of my job which I prefer not to include you.”    
“Do you believe me?”    
“I never doubted you. Now your father.”    
“Hey be nice, he’s no saint, but he’s all I have.”    
“Is your mother still around.”    
“No. Unfortunately, she was taken from me in my teenage years. My nana raised me in Italy until I reached the age of eighteen. My grandfather bought me my art gallery. Once I graduated from high school, and as they say, the rest is history    
“Speaking of, you are very young to own a prestige art gallery.”    
“I’m twenty-two. I graduated from college, and my major was Art Studies.”    
“What college did you attend?”    
“Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze in Italy. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Art.”    
“Smart and very beautiful.”    
Marcus dipped the loofah back into the water and wrung it again over her skin. He kissed the water droplets gliding down Zaniyah’s back.    
“You know you turn me on when I’m deep inside of you and began to speak Italian.”    
“Is that so?”    
“Very much so, beautiful woman.”    
“I guess I will convert to my native tongue when we get back under those covers.”    
“As I recall, you did lose the chess games, and the stakes were, if I won, you would let me have my wicked pleasure with you until sunrise.”    
“I see a long night ahead of us.”    
Marcus allowed the sponge loofah to sail on top of the water. He cupped Zaniyah’s breasts from behind. He tenderly rubbed his fingertips around the erect nipples.    
“A very long night.”    
He kissed her on the back of the neck; his inner thighs compressed her presence.    
“God, I love touching you; you taste so damn pure, and I mean everywhere I lick, suckled, and sucked on,” Marcus whispered in Zaniyah’s ear.    
Zaniyah blushed.    
Marcus kissed Zaniyah on the back of her neck.    
“Should we finish this in the bedroom? And Marcus, this is our second time in the water.”    
“Who’s counting? Once I get back to where I left off, a third rinsing may ensue.”    
“Wow, I’m falling for a sexual vampire, who is draining all this woman’s strength.”    
Marcus leaned forward and suckled Zaniyah’s neck.    
Zaniyah start laughing.    
Marcus pulled Zaniyah closer and suckled her skin into a reddish frenzy.    
Zaniyah reached backwards and stroked Marcus’ dick.    
“Umm, maybe a third rinsing is not that bad.”    
Long Island, New York    
Midnight Hour    

Domenico, Tango, Little Lenny, and Moretti looked over the blueprints of an abandoned warehouse.    
“Each man in here knows, there is a risk. Therefore, if your head or your heart is not into this shit.” Domenico pivoted to look over at the door. “There is the exit.”    
All three men looked at one another.    
Domenico read the sincerity in each man’s eyes.    
“Since each man is still standing. This shit has to be done like clockwork. Any slipups, that’s your life. Tango, Zaniyah usually goes to the bank in the morning to drop off her art gallery bank deposit. We will stage this shit like it’s a robbery gone wrong. Once you sedate her. You are to get her in the van. A driver will drive you two to the waterfront. There will be a black Explorer waiting to take Zaniyah from off your hands. And make absolutely sure when you abduct her, have on your disguise, New York is full of big brother cameras.”    
“You got it.”    
“Little Lenny and Moretti, you two will be out on alert for that nigger Zaniyah is fascinated with. Leave him standing, his black ass is mine.”    
“After you beat him to an inch of his life. I will have the pleasure of plugging a bullet in the center of his forehead,” Tango hissed, and then spit to the ground.    
Domenico looked down and glanced at the blueprint.    
“After Zaniyah has been dropped off at the warehouse. I will take over from there.”    
“Domenico, who will make the initial call to Mr. Delaro about his poor daughter being abducted.”    
“One of the boys from the A-Block gang will make the call. Remember, we will be at Mr. Delaro’s side, working hard to find the fuck responsible for this.”    
Each man laughed.    
“Oh, leave your cell phones at home, I do not want no one tracking our movements from a fucking satellite.”    
“How much is this bitch’s going price?”    
“Three million dollars.”    
Little Lenny looked over at Moretti.    
“I see a good payoff for us boys,” Moretti stated.    
Domenico looked down at his Rolex.    
“I will meet everyone back here in the morning after I stand in on behalf of Mr. Delaro’s groundbreaking ceremony, which is due to take place in Harlem. Tango, I need you to remain.”    
“Later you two.”    
Little Lenny followed by Moretti walked to the door.    
Moretti opened the door and walked out.    
Little Lenny followed and pulled the door close.    
Both walked out.    
Moretti looked back at Mr. Delaro’s residence.    
“You trust Domenico.”    
“Fuck no, he and Tango’s word ain’t worth shit. Once the ransom money is in Domenico’s hands, we take them both out.”    
“That sounds like a plan.”    
“Wait a minute. Domenico owns this Dmeshii guy two millions dollars from that ransom payoff.”    
“That’s his problem, not ours. And dead can’t pay wagers.”    
“So true,” Little Lenny clarified    
Little Lenny and Moretti walked back to their vehicles.    
“You trust those two.”    
“I do not trust no one and then I cut the deck. I’ve known those lazy bastards too long. We do all the hard work, and those two are going to try to collect the rewards.”    
“What do you think we should do?”    
“They will be the fall guys. I need you to keep a close eye on those two, just until I can come up with some evidence to plant on them. Once Mr. Delaro discover they were behind the hit, and now the kidnapping of his daughter. I shoot both on the spot, end of the charade, and I still come out the victor in Mr. Delaro’s eyes.”    
“What a shrewd plan, but it sounds very effective.”    
Tango and Domenico continued to study the blueprints in silence.    
Manhattan, New York    
Upper West Side
Zaniyah laid on Marcus’ chest wall. She listened to his rhythmic breathing as he slept.    
“Dammit, I have to make the deposit in the bank tomorrow morning.”    
She wondered why Domenico and Tango would risk the legal implications to store drugs in her art gallery. Everyone knows her father has always been adamant about not supplying drugs to the streets.    
“Fucking no good bastards.”    
Zaniyah lifted Marcus’ arm from around her hip and rested it on the side of his upper thigh.    
Marcus turned over.    
Zaniyah scooted to the far side of the bed and then sat up. She looked back at Marcus. She rose from the bed and walked over to the dresser. She pulled back a drawer and lifted a stack of clothing. She located a cell phone and took it out. She looked back over at the bed. She walked out the bedroom into the guest bedroom. She gently pushed the door close.    
Zaniyah slid the cell phone open and pressed in a numerical number. She placed the cell phone up to her ear.    
“It’s a sunny day.”    
Harlem, New York    
Morningside Heights
“No, it’s a rainy day.”    
“By default.”    
“Zaniyah, what can I do for you.”    
“I need some information.”    
“It comes with a price.”    
“It will be the usual amount, and wired into the same account.”    
“I’m listening.”    
“I need information on who put the hit out on my father, and word on the street. Some heavy drugs are moving into the New York boroughs, I need a name.”    
“According to the word on the street. The hit on your father was under the direct order of Domenico.”    
“I knew he was behind this underhanded shit.”    
“Extra funds wired for a quiet retaliation.”    
“You know how this work. No orders can be carried out without going through the proper channels of command.”    
“Zaniyah, watch your back on the streets. If drugs are being moved. Whoever is behind the supply do not welcome interference.”    
“I have myself, but thank you. The money will be wired into your account the first thing tomorrow morning.”    
Zaniyah slid the cell phone close. She walked to the door and opened it. She walked into Marcus’ chest. She looked up at his stony facial expression.    
Marcus snatched the cell phone from out Zaniyah’s hand.    
“Let’s see who you were in such a hurry to call, that you had to sneak out of your bed at four o’clock in the morning.”    
“Give me back my cell phone, damn you.”    
Marcus turned and walked away. He slid Zaniyah’s cell phone up and pressed in the last call button. He placed the cell phone up to his ear.    
Zaniyah stood at the helm of her bedroom door.    
“You forget something.”    
“Who the fuck is this!”    
The caller dropped the call.    
Marcus slid Zaniyah’s cell phone down. He turned around and faced Zaniyah. He stormed over to her.    
Zaniyah stepped back.    
“I swear if this call had anything to do with you tampering with a federal investigation. I will arrest your ass for…for, obstruction of justice.”    
“If you could prove it, and since you are sleeping with, as you stated, your conflict of interest, I do not ever see that happening.”    
If looks could kill. The words just spilled from out her mouth; she would be dead.    
“You know what, you’re right.”    
Marcus slammed the cell phone against Zaniyah’s chest, turned, and ventured into the bedroom. He lifted his two weapons from off the nightstand. He walked over to the bed, lifted the pillow, and grabbed up his 25 automatic weapon. Marcus walked over to the door; he bumped Zaniyah’s shoulder in the process of walking out her bedroom.    
Zaniyah followed Marcus into the living room.    
“I’m sorry Marcus. I did not mean what I just said, honestly I didn’t.”    
Marcus turned around. He walked over to where Zaniyah stood.    
“You just don’t get it. Or that young brain in your head cannot comprehend shit.”    
“Excuse me.”    
“Dammit Zaniyah, you and your family are involved in an investigation. The hit on your father by four Mexican Drug Lords’ soldiers, the drugs stashed in your art gallery, and then to make shit worse, yes as you stated, I’m fucking someone who may or may not be involved in distributing, or trafficking drugs. Therefore, to save face, and keep my career from being tarnished by your family’s bullshit. I think we need to call it quits.”    
Zaniyah reached out for Marcus.    
“I’m sorry really I am. I made an error in judgment. I was inquiring about who may have called the hit on my father, nothing more, I promise.”    
“I refuse to be led by my nose by a woman, who I cannot trust. Once I turn my back, she is on some gangster shit. It was bad enough, you undermined my authority in this investigation, but no dammit, you made a call on a fucking cell phone that could be traced to where I lay my head.”    
“It’s a throw away cell phone.”    
Marcus slicked his hand back through his hair.    
“Did you set me up? Throw the pussy at me to keep me walking a fine line and look the other way in regards to your family’s crooked shit.”    
Marcus bent over and put on his second shoe. He lifted his leg holster from off the carpet and strapped it around his leg. He lifted his 25 automatic handgun from off the dining room table and placed it inside the leg holster. He straightened his posture.    
“Please don’t go, please.” Zaniyah fingered her curls. “I love you Marcus.” Tears streamed down her cheeks. “Can we talk about this, please?”    
Marcus placed his two weapons behind the waistband of his pants. He walked up to Zaniyah.    
“Goodbye beautiful woman.”    
He leaned down and tenderly kissed her on the lips.    
Zaniyah wrapped her arms around Marcus’ waist and squeezed his presence against hers. She looked up into his eyes.    
“I never meant to hurt you, and did you hear what I said; I love you, don’t walk away from this, God please don’t.”    
Marcus pushed Zaniyah’s arms down. He stepped back and walked over to the door. He disarmed her security system, unlocked the locks, and the opened the door; he walked out her condominium and pulled the door close.    
Zaniyah looked at the door and waited.    
“Did you set me up? Throw the pussy at me to keep me walking a fine line and look the other way in regards to your family’s crooked shit.”
Zaniyah ran back to her bedroom, threw the cell phone on the dresser, and hurried over to the bed. She flopped on the rumpled sheets. She bawled into a fetal position and cried.    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This is a chapter from one of my many published novels. I will be adding a chapter as fitting to celebrate life in general.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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