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Susan's Temptation Part 1

Susan wiped down the glass counter of Doug's pawn shop, glancing at the clock impatiently. It was almost closing time, and she couldn't wait to get home to her daughter, Emma. The bell above the door jingled, signaling the arrival of a customer.    
Derrick, a tall and confident black man in his late twenties, strolled in, his eyes scanning the shop's eclectic inventory. Susan looked up from her task, offering a friendly smile. "Hey there, anything I can help you find?"    
Derrick returned the smile, his eyes lingering on Susan. "Just browsing, thanks. This place has a bit of everything, huh?"    
Susan chuckled, "That's the charm of pawn shops. You never know what you might find. Some of these things belong in museums."    
Derrick wandered through the narrow aisles, occasionally picking up an item and inspecting it. Susan continued wiping the counter where she’d left off. Her dark ponytail flowed across her bare shoulder and her cleavage caught the notice of her new customer as he browsed the shelves.    
As Derrick approached the counter with a book in his hand. In a low voice, he asked how a book on western philosophy came to be in a pawn shop.    
“Family members find items in their dead relatives’ libraries and don’t know what they’ve got so then end up in estate sales and eventually drift down to us,” said Susan still wiping.    
Susan saw Derrick looking at her he realized she’d noticed and said as he blushed, “What I can’t understand is why a fashion model is working at a pawn shop.”    
Now Susan was blushing, and Derrick noticed redness rising across her neck and breasts.      
Susan felt her heart pounding. It had been years since someone had flirted with her like this. High school was a distant memory, a chapter she thought she'd closed for good.    
Over the next week, Derrick made a couple more stops into the store. Their interactions escalated from harmless banter to late-night messages filled with innuendos and photos. Susan found herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions. She loved Doug, and their life together had given her stability, something she never thought possible after the tumultuous years in high school. But Derrick awakened a dormant desire within her, a yearning for the unknown.    
One evening, after closing the shop, Susan sat in her car, staring at her phone. A message from Derrick flashed on the screen, daring her to take a chance. It was a risky proposition, and Susan hesitated but a part of her longed for the excitement of something more.    
Unable to resist, Susan found herself typing out a reply, agreeing to meet Derrick that night. The conflicting emotions churned within her as she drove to his house, the weight of her choices pressing down on her shoulders.    
Derrick opened the door with the same confident smile she remembered from their first visit.  The air was thick with anticipation as Susan stepped inside and her eyes met Derrick’s, it came to her that she hadn’t kissed anyone but Doug since he’d ask her to marry him.  As her lips met Derrick’s, Susan knew her immediate future was now predetermined.    
The evening unfolded in a haze of passion with clothing strewn across Derrick’s well-kept apartment. Looking at Derrick in bright light of a bedside lamp, Susan marveled at his cock that hung gracefully to one side. If asked, she could only have described it as beautiful.    
As they kissed, standing facing one another, Susan felt drawn to her knees. As she kissed her way down Derrick’s chest, she thought of boys from high school but when she arrived to face his cock, all memories from her past vanished. Even her husband, Doug, vanished.    
She studied Derrick’s cock carefully, now only inches away.  It reminded her of a ripened plum, but with a copper-colored sheen. Derrick’s hands cupped the top of her head softly and her lips parted to feel his warmth. He still hung relaxed, but her lips felt him becoming less limp by the second. She held him in her mouth as he transformed into a tower before her. She began kissing and licking frantically up and down his shaft.    
Finally, Susan buried herself into Derrick and accepted as much of him as she could fit into her mouth. She held him there for a moment trying to imagine him inside of her.    
Derrick remained calm and his hands never changed their gentle touch over the top of her head. When she pulled back for air, she gasped and said, “Fuck me please.” Hearing her words startled her and she froze, refusing to look up at him.    
Derrick looked down to where his hands covered Susan’s crown. To him it was a beautiful and mysterious sphere filled with thoughts and questions, a past and an undetermined future.    
Derrick let his hands smooth down Susan’s hair to her cheeks. Then he said, “Are you sure?”    
Slowly, with the smooth motions of graceful woman, wife, and mother, Susan stood and looked into Derrick eyes with her answer.
Written by Nizana (Lauryn)
Published | Edited 23rd Nov 2023
Author's Note
Had the urge to write a story based loosely on a friend's experience set in a Dallas pawn shop. Not sure where to post it so it's under erotic even though it's a short story. Names were changed. I filled in some unknown specifics of their encounter but left the conclusion open ended.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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