Royal ostriches certainly out in force and likewise farce!

By Stanley Collymore

Liz Windsor! What did she ever do
that was so bloody amazing?
Having long holidays and
not paying any tax for years! This is the
very woman that effectively personally
and quite distinctly simply had herself
and similarly additionally, the obvious
and distinctively total complement of
her Windsor family, very attendant as
expected from her with their actually
distinctly purposely employed, white
racist staffers, and other employees
very explicitly, crucially permanently
exempted from the new, and clearly
undeniably too, effective innovative
British Race Relations Act, coupled
really with its specified regulations
against open racial discrimination!

An ongoing situation basically
from the Act's induction in
1965 and which is still
permanently in place in 2023. Crucially
additionally, on Liz's part, not actually
doing anything herself that made any
significantly, undeniably outstanding
difference, to ordinary people's lives.
So seriously, just simply remove the
blinkers, if only very temporarily so;
similarly put away the blinkers and
honestly state what this farce of a
wife and a downright lousy mother
and parent - the clear and actually
indisputable evidence of the latter
is simply obvious to anybody who
isn't truly brainwashed or urgently
needs to seek the actual services
undoubtedly of a truly competent
ophthalmologist - has essentially
individually done that realistically
irrefutably, and actually positively
enduringly altruistically made the
slightest difference effectively to
obviously ordinary people's lives!

And obviously if just longevity
in situ is the only relevant
criterion that matters
and actually likewise solely determines
the significance or the permanency of
someone or obviously anything either
in one's fondness or durable memory
and literally, is the solitary reasoning
essentially, which is patently behind
this effectively contrived eulogizing
prominence rather obviously where
Liz Windsor is naturally concerned,
then surely maverick-wise one can
similarly and basically, equally say
that cancer has rather specifically
been irrefutably around obviously
for much longer than Liz Windsor
has been and undoubtedly is still
going strong; but rather honestly
and quite seriously very sensibly
and rationally, just take a look at
all the invidious harm that it has
undeniably both individually and
collectively done! So once again
and simply seriously; what, very
precisely, did Liz Windsor do on
her own, which no other person
couldn't have realistically done?

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 November 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Thankfully and inevitably Death is quite impartially the non-sentimental levelled of us all. And like Reality no amount of white-washing, literally or figuratively, can either sanitize or eradicate who or what we actually were in real life; this quite irrespective of the circumstances of our birth or who, either realistically or delusionally, we ourselves, those who're quite closest to us or those sycophants hoping to self-servingly and undeniably financially crucially avariciously benefit, and distinctly rather rampantly so, from our earthly legacy that very dishonestly and pathetically on their part they aptly  choose to propagate that we were!  

Truth, to all practical purposes, doesn't need to be hyperbolized! – © Stanley V. Collymore, November, 2023.
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