Came to

What has it come to?
matter of fact it's that little hop in your step
A little silly grin once her name starts being mentioned again
Little nicknames and rhyme schemes,
Fucking so cute it makes you want to puke
It's the
happenstance pillow talks,
once in the while the bed gets new groove
you want to outline it in chalk
for a crime
of them being your cinderblock in a mafia movie
because you're falling deep
A little nibble here and there
now you're marked like Cain
but she's not Able to hold your heavy heart

wallow in the dark, creepy stalker talk
you watch her movements and ask God if he's missing an Angel
because she's on the lam from your grasp and his kingdom too
you become erratic, nothing makes sense anymore, you use to rhyme her name with yours
now it's becoming a run-on sentence where you're chaser in the game of cat and mouse while she's giving tours to other men in her house,
It starts warping and twisting your thoughts, you want to feel her skin again, even if you have to wear it, tell her take it off and give you a bit, you're goddamn losing it, foolish bitch!, no wait it's just your mind playing tricks on you, She's still an Angel remember, give her wings Romeo, slice her shoulder blades her wings must be hiding there,
it's not fair.. she was so beautiful... why they'd have to go and take her away?
was it something I said, they said? she said? so many drugs upon metal table, swallow up,'s all what you had to do right? You wanted a piece of Heaven...
Someone you can relate to,
It's all coming back now
the lucid thoughts the dreams of love and splendor
reduced to ash and cinder,
too bad for everything it came to...  
Written by Lothbrok (Jadie Angelik)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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