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The Magician (Divine Energy)

Secrets found within the galaxy’s alignment  
The allurement of fate cast of no resentments to circumvent  
Within the benediction of the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon, governed by the Ankh in the palm of my hand    
My compass voyage upon it as I proudly stand    
A beautiful song blanketed of its journey, as a muse’s lullaby to any mortal man    
Echoed from the four corners of the vast great lands    
As my ancestral jeweled crown graces proudly on top of my head      
Words of passion, love, spoken desires, a silken odyssey to explore once in my bed              
The thirst of my knowledge streaming and beautifully felt all up in your head              
Fools rush in where Angels never fear to tread              
We as ancient Queens  
From the sky given our fertile wombs we bear as we ceremonially bow unto Moorish Kings  
We silence the stigmata tongues in moments in humbleness, only wisdom twist the providence of my mental key              
Trickling rainfalls to covet any perceptual sensations, as you sink deeper into my psyche abilities              
From my bearer as my water is quietly sipped to inspire              
As a Moth is drawn to my intellectual stimulating fire              
What your own intellect cannot perceive on a higher spiritual degree  
Fills a wicked tongue in thoughts of ignorance, darkness of hearts, minds  
Misconceptions to earthy deceive            
In the queues of my gentle whispers, entangled temple christening, we extol              
Sacred sensations I softy give unto the benediction from my head down to my toes    
Inferiority spreads for the obscurity found in the fire as earth quietly bestows    
Rebirth in the caresses of my arms found, rapture, ecstasy, yearn in tow    
I flow with the highest power, enlightenment given to and fro              
Uplifting your mind as my presence cajoles              
Tenderly playing the heart strings stimulating the chasm of your soul              
The vast universe of my knowledge I lay at the tiller of humanity feet              
Blending vernaculars, echoing temples engaging upon our Holistic meet              
Weaving around each other's souls, I walk in faith  
A King's staff is the equilibrium of his shadow uplifting his soul, giving credence to his purpose  
Soothing endearments in its wake  
Mm.. I commune with you my King from off the same hymn sheets  
Gyrating melodies of our life songs, oh how sweet          
Emotional medicine given as the sands of time, stolen moments flowing at free will  
Mm.. got you mesmerized, your heart palpitations once standing still              
Kneeling in honor of my lascivious goodwill    
The last breath of life determines who you would meet        
If your soul is wicked, darkness you shall greet        
Therefore, play, laugh, live, and embrace to love, but never assume        
It only dulls your limelight, increases your values of self-mental gloom and doom        
As the saying goes, when you assume you make an ass, out of self        
Stand for the witness of your presence to soar after earth has been left              
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
The Magician is Mercury, a messenger God. With an infinity symbol in thy head, it represents mastering the person’s imagination and also a symbol of meaning, conscious and unconscious processes. This card enables a person to connect with intellectual powers. She is a symbol of intuition, dream world, and unconscious, feelings, dreams, and emotions.

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