Morning old goatie man.

Haven’t seen you for a while.

Old testosterone withered scrotum vying for my attention.  

As you are almost at the sooking your neeps and tatties through a straw stage of life I expect you think you deserve my respect, tact and undivided attention.

Think again.

You raised your fist against me..
Withered scrotum.
 ..I'm so intimidated ..

Let me remind you I stood before the council, police and NHs in 2020 on thirteen counts of breach of the peace, and fourteen soon after,  after writing an “offensive” anti-rape culture protest letter and sending it to the said organisations and I walked away free.

Did I raise my fists in celebration?

That is because I have a five bedroom home, no debts,  Land in Colorado, stocks and shares, financially independent, emotionally independent, I have good health, the stamina/fitness/endurance  that can out pace men and women half my age, I have traveled the world , I have the knowledge, navigation skills, experience and the bollocks to disappear into the Scottish mountains for months on end and the ability to fight my own corner..

 I have it good, therefore, I do not have the right to use a powerful symbol against persecution and oppression.

The idea of the raised fist is when one individual overcomes intolerable restricting oppression and finally dominates a stronger,  oppressing and powerful establishment.. It is designed for individuals with sheer grit on the edge of freedom, life and death.

 It is not designed for me.
And it is not designed for you.

It is not designed for a white, middle class withered scrotum jack ass, born and bred on outdated,
 by-gone opinions, well past his productivity prime,  who goes home to a hot dinner, tv, central heating, cream cakes and a subservient  toothless wifie who toots his pipes every night.

 And it certainly is not designed for such an ass, like you, to use against one of the men , women and children in this country who have the bollocks to stand up against child abuse, sexual violence or  rape ...

You fucking withered d*ck head
Written by tomyaccusers (jackie bywater)
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