If Only Men Should Cry

In the heart of Heaven's Bean Pot, where the forest breathes,
With looming things and scented blooms, a sanctuary we'd weave.
I took her hand, led her through the thick embrace,
But in the shadows of my love, a bittersweet truth would surface.

Her laughter danced amidst the leaves, a melody so divine,
Yet in her eyes, a distant gaze, another love entwined.
She pretended, oh so well, to be in the moment with me,
But her heart whispered another's name, a love not meant to be.

The air was thick with promises, the fragrance of our dreams,
Yet, she longed for another's touch, or so it truly seemed.
I painted love with every word, my canvas woven with care,
Yet she craved a different palette, a love that wasn't there.

In Heaven's Bean Pot, where emotions intertwined,
I watched her drift away, leaving my heart behind.
A call echoed through the forest, a connection strong and true,
She left me in the thickness of my sorrow, a love that would undo.

If only men should cry, beneath the sheltering trees,
I'd let the tears flow freely, carried by the gentle breeze.
For in the depth of unrequited love, where shadows play their part,
A man's heart breaks in silence, with the echoes of a shattered heart.
Written by Dre_k47 (AnDre James)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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