We Are Our Own Creation

Iím standing at the ground level of existence
Looking around at the ridges and mounds of persistence
The erosion of my depression has terra formed the mounts
I attempt to climb the levels between needs and wants

Each level is sow with a different version of my pain
From row to row I choose to reap me again and again
Calluses built, nails broken, as I climb between levels
At the base, life wasnít acknowledged as I lied with the devil

But he had no use for humans and he screamed, ďfuck earthĒ
Hahaha, he pissed on nothing, and asked me what is a soul or earth worth
Fucking corporate execs paying the starving and needy to harvest trees
Soon supplying the unnecessary demands of corporate greed

Weíre placing as many tree products into the land fills as trees we harvest †
Fucking birds depending on feeders in winter are screaming whereís my nest
Birds are becoming lazy, but they are supposed to migrate
There is so much that they are doing during migration and humans canít relate

The spreading of seeds, and controlling of bugs and insect population
In some places non migrating bird and non indigenous birds cause devastation
But that devil, he is digging in, he wants to expose so much more
He showed land being invaded and taken that will never be yours

Oh the minute minutes of humanity, thoughts as of being generations
Is but a blink of an eye, as land moves from nation to nation
But within that blink there is so much death and destruction
Plastic and fluoride in drinking water and Satan keeps on bustin

Meat and veggies are being produced in labs
Genetically engineered bread isnít all that your stores have
Pre-teens walking about fully developed like adults
Steroids in everything that they eat, so itís not their fault

Hahaha, pissing and shitting plastic, let us add it to garbage island
Trillions globally for defense, but for pollution no oneís smiling
Landfills are filling up globally and corporate demons have taught you to ignore it
Poor fucking countries are continually being asked to fucking store it

Hahaha, poor countries, one manís trash is another manís treasure
Waste getting broken down and spread around gives corporate pleasure
Far less regulations, shit gets into the water table, rivers, and streams
Haha, your destruction returns to you and itís not a dream

You had better learn about counterfeit me at and meat floss
Know whatís been added to your food and whatís been loss
Vaccines were supposed to be a once in a life time necessity, but thatís been lost
Yes the devil is still smiling because yet we still donít know the cost † †
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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