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26 Years Later                                                          
It’s been 26 years since the murder of my younger brother and sister and the attempted murder on our baby sister Chastity . The year is now 2048, and sadly the plan to seek revenge continues to drag on unfulfilled.                                                  
I’ve often wondered if Kujo purposely cast a spell on Chastity rather than just physically pushing her off the mountain. Maybe because somewhere buried deep down in that black hole of a heart of his lies a little love for chastity after all; and killing her with magick guaranteed her survival. I guess for now we will never know.                                                    
Looking back a lot has happened since that night. The whereabouts of Kujo, Sally and Drake are still unknown to this day. However, years ago according to Sally’s mother Jessica McCafferty, “Sally probably left the country” and that’s all she said. Apparently Sally and her mother haven’t spoken in years. But nobody believes that witch!                                                          
And then there was the wild chit-chat between Dickie & Zane. Dickie had told Zane a few days after everything went down that “come to think of it” I remember when kujo was just a kid, he came to me to tell me he had a secret. He said “mommy told me she has a secret family in Boston” and nobody can know because they are a bad bunch of witches. “Wtf Dickie!” “yelled!” Zane, why didn’t you tell us about this earlier?!                                                          
“I forgot about it to be honest” said Dickie, “I thought Kujo was making it up! He was only 6 1/2 at the time after all” defended Dickie. Zane replied by rolling his eyes and says, “as usual, you Dickie, are the doofus— of the bunch!”                                                          
Well from that moment on and for years to come our family went on a scavenger hunt scouring all of the Greater Boston & Metropolitan area looking for Drake and his secret family. Although at some point we figured out that drake was the secret family and nobody else. But it would be years before we actually figure that out and stopped looking.                                                          
Grandfather Erik and a few others had talked many times about a plan to kill the entire McCafferty family starting with Sally’s mom first, but most voted against that plan because It could start an all out war with no resolve in sight. Plus without Sally, Kujo and Drake to suffer and die, what’s the point? it’s them who must pay the most.                                                        
Zane would often say I’m with Erik, “If we kill them, “they will come!” But the sacrifices for such a risk was too great. There was also plenty of talk over the years about jetting to Europe to go where “they are” the problem with that plan was, nobody knows exactly where “there” is? I-mean, after all, Europe is a continent and they could be anywhere, or nowhere at all. Perhaps they’re dead? or living right here under our noses. We just don’t know,                                                       
Well, many years have passed since the search and talks ended. But like Bigfoot, there have been many sightings rumors and speculations. Some say you can see Drake flying by on a broom on nights when the moon is full. Then there are those who think the three of them actually did defect to Europe, and are plotting to come back with an army and kills us all! Hey but If they do come back we’ll be ready!                                                          
Yeah a lot has changed over the years. Chastity is now 34 and married to Sean, the youngest Flannigan brother, to which there are 9. Chastity is also a mother to two happy healthy girls, Sabrina 9 & Shayna 8 and a baby on the way, rumor has it it’s a boy!                  
Fabian married Pamela on October 13, of 2023 and they have five kids together. Pamelas fist born came to them as triplets one girl and two boys, and then a few years later a set of twin boys arrived. Everyone else has pretty much resumed their usual lives. Velvet and Rocky both met someone special and are planning their futures. MeMe Married his long time sweetheart Jenna Doucette. Honoria finally divorced her husband Ben, in 2024 and now permanently lives at Broomhilda’s.    
And as for me, well, I have yet to find a mate but am hopeful.                                                      
For so many of us there is no closure for the tragedy that fell upon our family back in 2022. I suppose some might say it’s karma. I-mean, after all, we did kill the entire Theron Family with the exception of Drake. But in all fairness, if there is such a thing, they started it. Well, whatever it is one thing is for sure, life can be cruel.                                                          
The End                                                          
26 years earlier                                                            
Sally, Kujo and Drake ordered some coffee and donuts to go then left Dunkin Donuts and walked to the back of the store where they could be alone. By now sally has sobered up out of her drunken state and is now thinking clearly. She grabs her son’s wand and touches it to her own. Within seconds her wand is mended and all three vanished once again into the night never to be seen again.  Well almost never…                                                    
Written by Zazzles (Broomie)
Published | Edited 30th Jan 2024
Author's Note
Copyright © November 7, 2023
M. Doucette All rights Reserved.

For the record all witches can learn to apparat. But some witches never master their arial control and can land anywhere. Also and more importantly, no witch can apparat more than 100 miles form where they are casting in any direction.

This story is officially over.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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