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Life after death                              
Grandmother Pippa & Tessa sat on the ground with chastity’s limp body each holding one of Chastity’s hands. Everyone else was frozen in place waiting for Chastity to wake up. After what seemed like forever but was only a few seconds Chastity’s chest began to pump up and down. Without hesitation the grands cast a homebound spell and just like that the Breakstone family was off the mountain and out of Worcester county and back inside Broomhilda’s. Before we left the mountain I quickly scooped up as many of Madonnas ashes as I could and then tipped her ashes inside an empty potions bottle I always have stashed on the inside pocket of my flight suit.                    
Meanwhile after leaving Mount Wachusett Drake  missed his mark a few miles from his home and instead landed at a Market Basket supermarket parking lot in Plymouth Mass. Desperate not to be seen Drake quickly waves Kujo’s wand to get them home but nothing happens. He tried again and once again a dud, a miss fire.                                
Unfortunately Drake doesn’t have his own wand and Kujo cannot cast to apparat and so all either of them can do at this point is cast a spell to disguise their appearances and disappear in the real world until they can figure out what to do next.                                
The three of them walked a few blocks away from Market Basket and found a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts coffee shop and went inside and sat at a booth near the back of the shop. The mystery woman removes her hood and turns to Kujo and says “not to worry son” we will get through this.                                
To be continued…
 A few hours earlier:                    
As soon as everyone left to Worcester County to find Chastity, Back Alley Sally had one trick up her sleeve, her wand! Which Is tucked inside her panties to which nobody thought to check before putting the latex bodysuit on her and then chucking her into an empty broom closet. And, even though her hands are bound behind her back, Sally is a tall woman and has a very long reach and as such, was able to wiggle, pull and stretch her panties good enough that her wand slipped down behind the back of her knees. Sally then arched her back far enough that she was able to touch the tip of her wand with her index finger and cast a release spell freeing herself from bondage immediately! However, being the dingbat that she is, after freeing herself she decided it would be a good idea to belt down almost a whole quart of Brandy, while at the same time cast a spell to put her flight suit on. Unfortunately for Sally, she tripped while lacing up her boots and landed on top of her wand with her right booted foot and broke it. Now in a panic with her broken wand Sally makes a desperate run out to the barn and grabbed the only broom she saw, a beat up old shabby broom with barley a broom tail. With no choice at the moment she mounted the broom then took off
Written by Zazzles (Broomie)
Published | Edited 7th Nov 2023
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M. Doucette All rights Reserved
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