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The Wick (Muladhara Chakra-Red Candle)

Darkness chasing the fog cannot teach me how to live on this earth’s sacred throne          
I nurture the day to heal by decree and in the calling of the night I preach when I roam                                            
The illusion of false souls breeding trickery with false love and deceitful smile      
Spiritual l deceased once the cold winds that has drown their intellect in mist of their high tides  
Tune out rumbling reflections look to the stars and allow them to be thy guide                    
Let them be the story as they whisper your glory for confusion to the dreadful minds                      
Disillusioned hearts to rest upon the reflective coincide                    
Alone in the abyss of the hereafter upon the blood soaked of Hades asunder, torn  
The promise to self by the domination of that enlightenment pineal gland is bow, pray, and dip your temple to be divinely reborn                        
The divine gift to femineity, hankers the vessel of the Creator’s most cherished handsome man                            
As a woman’s blessing is to uplift their mind, lead unto self, as you both hold the power of consecrated words in the palm of hands                            
I beseech of thee, and twisted tongues of scorn                    
There are always detrimental intentions when twisted minds are up, down, spent, or rebuked, agitated children of the corn                    
The Children of the Sun, we are keepers of the wind, fire, air, earth, and of the sea            
That fourscore of my ancestors who spirit defines and resides in the benediction of the creed in me                                          
Charlatans who rub sticks together to dance in the warmth of a dead fire                    
Wasted bitterness who escapes in the imaginary flames of one’s own crucifixion                
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust no holy words, no afterlife for the soul, too much for hell is required                      
To sacrifice the mind upon the burns of ones’ own immortality pyre                    
Your voice, your choice, for dead ridden pagan horses you ride                    
Find calm of the sea if that is your tide                                          
Perceptions stands the difference when the light meets the hands of the dark                    
If the blessings unto your reality does not extend the branch of the olive tree from the root of the bark                    
Then your blindness cannot lead souls to the wonders of hidden mysteries upon the shore where jaded souls lark          
You’ve been led down a continuous spiraling abyss, trying to climb the mentality of your mind out a weary drift                    
I am quite peaceful and stand to be clarified in my realm, never anonymity, YOUR soul is attached to Luciferian realm by the death of a sealed kiss                    
Nothing moves but the earth on the Creator’s time, you stand there long enough you just might feel the rotate of that axis tip, we are way past those microchip  
The Father-Heaven, The Sun-Earth, and The Holy Spirit-The Sea, the rite of passage through the pyramid’s gift                    
My genetic melanin components ordained by time, soft and assertive              
Smile, have faith, be uniquely, and be calm in your storms, that is the secret to prosper as you daily strife, as you daily live                        
Suspend trying to catapult hellish rhetoric be that it may, in my sovereign I rule spiritual order, my way, fasting, say  
By honor, by humbleness, who needs a raised sword when wisdom and knowledge slay  
In the final hours may lost souls repent, as time has no days                    
The only offering I can give you is drop to your knees and learn how to pray                    
Seek the contentment illuminating light                    
Open your blind eyes and ascend unto wisdom, knowledge with all your steadfast might                            
If you walk in your dominion in dissension                      
Always rebuke powerful mental demons’ aggression not to mention metaphoric contentions when attempting at mental lynchings    
Peace unto you, heart, mind, body and soul  
I light a candle to give you the portal to tap and allow the wonderous to reveal your universal worth, and may it always be your staff to console  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 25th Oct 2023
Author's Note
This is the introduction to the meaning and truly understanding the meaning when you are using candles for comfort, prayer, or to give any room a scented atmosphere.

I take you on the gateway of utilizing candles, the colors of its representation and how to apply it to your Seven Chakras to open that pineal gland.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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