A Homo Primer

There's little Lucy she's traveled afar
from her family Australopithecus,
there's Desperate Dan, the Neanderthaler
and his flower-powered tough, kind, Missus.

Little Lucy would tend monkeys in zoos
and groom and care for em all very fairly,
reason with em and speak their lingo too
and reckons her ancestors were, our, fairies...

There's H. Habilis, quite the handyman,
but he can't match Homo Erectus for speed,
who sped from Africa near gained England
but stayed in Spain and would view us as a, feed...

And the Desperate Dans? Those tough roustabouts?
well, it used to be they got loads of bad press,
we'd shout " Neanderthal! "  to put boys down
but I've dreamt of their gentle manliness...

Written by Rew
Author's Note
Lucy. A protohuman was named after the song:
" Lucy in the sky with diamonds. "
A song playing in the camp of the discoverers.
Australopithecus didn't use fire.
Lucy would be put in zoos
Lucy has been linked, by size, to fairies
H. Erectus got as far west as Spain,
used fire and made simple coracles.
I've linked the comic character
Desperate Dan to Neanderthaler
because they were rough, tough,
whole-cow pie eaters.
These are the ones who got to the
Arctic circle  thousands of years
before us
Some of us carry their genes
" Flower power " they like us buried their dead
and seeds are mentioned in the scientific journals.
H. Habilis these are the folk who
first worked stone into tools, used fire,
fashioned small boats, as far as is known.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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