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Image for the poem Queen of the 8th Surgery (Halloween Syck House Series)

Queen of the 8th Surgery (Halloween Syck House Series)

      “Through blood-stained glass the Queen looked upon neutral ground
At the battle of the Dead Surgeons that violently went down,
      “666 in total of angels, demi-gods, demons and things that feed on pain
Fought with magic and ancient weaponry without mercy, regret or shame,

      “Skin transformed to bees, dark prayers and eternal soul decapitation
Were mild tactics utilized with cursed forbidden devastation,
      “Throughout the cosmos all applicants knew what was to be expected
Because over a thousand years this deadly way was the method,

      “Every hour when the black bell rung the grounds would instantly flood
Bathing the participants in unholy living necrotic blood,
      “None were immune to the evil supernatural effects
That attempted to cannibalize their mind as well as their battered flesh,

      “Only when twelve survivors stood in mutilated victory
Did the black doors open, accepting them into the School of Dark Surgery,
      “Fear and dark wonder were emotions that always consumed the soul
When one willingly crossed the school’s gothic threshold,

      “Glass contained surgical rooms stretched down infinite halls
As surgical artwork of all kinds were displayed on bloody floors and walls,
      “The limited time given for each surgery was only one week
With the surgeon only allowed one hour a day for rest or sleep,

         “Any of the 666 surgeries assigned was a nerve wrenching mystery
Because failure of any kind was considered an unwanted luxury,
      “Experimental implants, to demonic grafts to craniotomy of the brain
One of the challenges itself is not for the surgeon to become insane,

      “Each surgery became more difficult and intense
As all blood on the surgeon could not be washed away or rinsed,
      “Transforming over time into a blood pathogen disease
That attracted death like parasitic fleas,

      “Performing underwater surgery before the patient could drown
In blood saturated water while vampiric hungry sharks swam around,
      “Removing layers of flesh all the way to the bone
While magical teleporting flesh eating flies would constantly roam,

      “Extracting a soul before being consumed by hellfire
Or surgically increasing an abused sex slave’s sexual desire,
      “Afterwards the patient would be mind-raped again and again
Until sexually broken, then removed was the pleasure organs of their sin,

      “During every surgery the patient must be kept alive
Or the surgeon would receive a fate worse than death if their patient died,
      “The death of a patient meant damnation for the surgeon
Instantly appearing inside a spiked sarcophagus for eternal burning,

      “But the final surgery was the surgery upon one’s self
Terrifying, unique, no anesthesia and without any form of help,
      “Only a sadistic few has ever completed the course flawlessly
The first is the school’s ruler known as the Queen of the 8th Surgery”.
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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