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The Soft Orator To Uplift Manís Dynasty (Earth, Water, Air, Fire)

To the man of the sunlight by the stars his trek upon beds of sand throughout the beginning of time
A mighty presence rooted by the seeds of his lineage sitting on the throne in the majestic skies
Look beyond the golden field of dreams, close your eyes
Walk among the clouds and translate upon your ordained scrolls from the cosmic energy orbiting in the stratosphere, and engrave the identity of manís creation, from Heaven to the incoming tides
Let your discourse be the insignia behind the purpose of your pineal gland awakened by your third eye
A soft murmur and a tender touch that once soared you yonder the night skies
Comfort of the imagination found between the silken cove of my heritage butter rum thighs

Heartbeat to heartbeat, faint echoes, whispers is all that remains
Clenching you tighter, as you called to the firmaments, my name
Holding me closer as my honeyed essence drizzled like thunder, snared you the cocoon of my silken rain
Eyes closed, lips to lips, palms held against mine
Your strong arms gave parishes sanctuary away from society, in the blur of time
A hard chest when my emotions needed rendering by celestial designs

The orator to always uplift the strength that belies the quietude of a manís soul
Is your dialect found in the Proverbs of your heart, entwined in the Psalms † by the wishes, granted from your intellect to humbly bestow
Strip the passion, the lust, to the shrivel of your nakedness, there is the truth of your soul
You were once a blessed fertilized seed
The cry of your thirst suckled from the knowledge from a Queenís indoctrinated ancestral creed

In the thrones from the growth you stand in the light of life lessons, fully grown
What have your hands bloomed, your mind sowed,
Chaos doesnít cost and it is the consecrated oath of your heart, fortified in native gems as time needs to atone
Hear the angry ocean roar, it is telling of its story
Surround yourself, and remain rooted you are much bigger than its past purgatory
Voices of long ago whispers to the skies asking earth to forgive a drowning sleep
Tears in remembrance for a country once thriving of natural resources, emblems of gold, dethroned by revulsion from manís loins, women barren wombs, never given the right to teach

The North Star followed, feet wading in water to taste the land of Freedom, weary in the journey some did not reach
Hebrew man, instill my intellect with your ancient wisdom of grand visions so we both can pull each other up when we come together though the passage of time, a kindred knowledge we shall both preach
Lost souls in an abyss of a hydrated grave found in the well of the deep

From the Motherland, the gift of the earth that was once ours
Blessed by the Goddess Venus and shielded by the Gods of Mars
Freedom in the beautiful allure to the generational interchanged by the conquering Moors
To Israel to the fall of the Roman Empire, our place in an ill forgotten time that flowed in the land of milk where the honey, once dipped as universal love smoothly poured

The land is burning around us, Karma ignited without lighting a match
The mastersí plantations of his own cross unto his hooded shame, cries out, no time to gather his debauched mementos, or keys to snatch
Antebellum stone pillars in flames from the diary of his wicked soul refusing to atone from Jim Crowís systematic latch

Desires, passion, infused in the cloak of mental articulate
Silence resonances in the absence to gently consummate
Searching within the lunar of such a beautiful mental masturbate

Rest unto the blessings given in such a surrendering surmise
Allow the ties to bind as the sun slowly rise
Open your eyes and accept peace, serenity, always foster love
These are the hieroglyphics in the beginning of time as passion showers from above
Savor the confection of my divinity in the wind
Minds climaxing in truth, mending in merit, as blissful energy purges to beautifully blend

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Everyone please have a blessed Thursday and be humbly in your daily grace.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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