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Machete Mentality

I only remember coming back to my senses in a strange house
My heart is racing and there is a scream trapped in my mouth
I feel eyes upon Me, my enemies are to my right and my left
There is a machete dripping blood in my hand to protect myself
As I secretly stepped over body parts trying to make my way out  
The need to escape from the eyes and voices all about
I fumbled all about and finally found my way out back
Hahaha, of course, the way out is always through the back
Now feeling the freedom of the darkness closing in like a stranger
My self defenses flew up warning Me of danger danger
My grip tightened about the machete until the handle went numb
The blade began screaming for all taker to come and get some
Mentality stepped from the shadows of what should be Me
He is cut from a different cloth, this is his destiny
He ran his finger along the blade as if it was a trigger
Then he sat off on the prowl as my panic turned into a sickened giggle
Like a lumberjack, he was cutting down humans like fucking trees
Dissecting screaming limbs like Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees
Dick hard as steel, heart again racing, while seeping precum
Their eyes like a deer’s caught in a headlight, panicked and to scared to run
The blade is coated from my elbow to the tip it’s coated and slick
He cut one bitches tits and ass off, because she was so fucking thick  
Halves of heads loped off just to get at their mental
Chest opened and hearts ripped out, because Mentality’s so sentimental  
A fucking pussy was hack out and that shit fell on the floor
Mentality bowed down to it, licking and fucking it until his dick was sore
He took the machete and opened her mouth and lips, oh so sick
Tongued her severed head and then made her ass suck his dick
I really have no control over what or who runs through his mind
Even I was jolted when he caught you masturbating while watching online
Hahaha, breathing increased, fully extended, and all lubed up
Fucking real women begging for dick and you’re in here imagining a fuck
I watched as he took each and every step with stealth
As you laid back in the recliner, eyes closed, jacking with a labored breath
I watched him standing by your shoulder as the machete is heft
Swinging with such a force downward that of your hand and dick there is nothing left
You spring from the recliner with a severed dick and hand
Your screams piercing his ears and the machete’s whining making demands
I see black as Mentality and Pain blocks my view
But I can feel as the machete hacks through what was once you
The darkened pain travels up the blade and we feed with a greed
We share everything evenly to give us what we need
I come back to my mind in a bloodied recliner reclined
Your severed remains all about, machete and dick in hand as I watched porn online
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