Chaos is many things  
it can be a void of nothingness  
Or two entities  
with two different perspectives †
that clash and  
create confusion or creation  
After this chaos I am reminded and can  
Not help to compare  
this situation to a nuclear bomb
Going off
I feel as though  
our forces caused me  
to die physically and spiritually  
and resurrect me  
like a phoenix from the ashes  
Truthfully Iím not pleased with the results  
Whatís the point  
everything in this world is vanity
The pass few days  
all I can think of  
was finding a new  
purpose of self satisfactory
Becoming a  
continual architect of my world
†with a sword gripped in my right hand
†with Gods law written on it  
in my left hand  
gripping various colored roses  
They were chosen to be  
a representation of anything  
That looks good must die
Anything good anything  
edible anything  
that is promising
†can be cast away
†and thrown away  
into the void of nothingness  
Called Chaos
A destructive force that if it can be embraced  
It would be like a sword forged in fire  
A solid truth that could be never called a liar  
Gather round and see a  
chaos that paved a way  
for creation and truth to shine
†in the middle of Chaos
Chaos a expression  
of oneís own limit to walk in truth  
Truth is †a race and so is chaos  
To be a time limit  
So donít waste time  
but live every day to reach  
your highest prime  
Donít wait till Chaos grips your mind  
and engulfs you into a pit of neuropathy  
Donít let it be your demise  
But grab hold and embrace  
All the moments
†The good the bad  
and be properly forged into  
The proper Chaos
That changes lives
ďFor there to be creation there has to be chaosĒ
Written by Losthepoet (Adventurer)
Author's Note
A woman who I met the most beautifulest thing and feeling I have ever seen or felt. There was joy there was laughter there was great sex there was love. There was hope and there was chaos but all of it was great. She was great in every way. Her voice that I enjoyed so much a voice that sounded as if goddesses do really exist. You would think. I still stick to enjoy every moment with your loved ones cause tomorrows not promised donít worry about petty little things but enjoy the beautiful moments and cherish them. a learning lesson of mine that was birthed through chaos.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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