A Fathers heart

In the depths of a father's soul, a story unfolds,
Of sacrifice and pain, too great to be told.
For in the shadows, I silently carry the weight,
Protecting my children, their futures secure and straight.

Through sleepless nights and weary days,
I labor on, my love never sways.
For my children's dreams, my heart does bleed,
A silent warrior, fulfilling every need.

In my tired eyes, wisdom lines lie deep,
Etched by battles fought, secrets I'll forever keep.
I shield them from the darkness that may come,
Guiding them towards the warmth of the rising sun.

Though my body aches, my spirit remains strong,
For my children, I'll go to lengths unimaginably long.
With every step, I burry my struggles deep within,
Shielding them from the storms that life may bring.

I smile, though my heart may bear the scars,
Concealing the turmoil behind life's bars.
I weave tales of hope amidst my own despair,
Whispering reassurances, showing them i always care.

My sacrifices are woven into every thread,
A tapestry of love, where dreams are fed.
I toil away, my tears hidden from view,
Pouring my heart and soul into all that I'll do.

For the pain i endure, I won't shed a Preferring to shield my children from every fear.
Their joy becomes my purpose, my guiding light,
In their laughter, i find solace amidst the fight.

Oh, the depths of a father's love, so vast,
A selflessness that will forever last.
I bear the burdens, the brunt of it all,
So my children may never know the fall.

Thus, dear child, treasure the love i imparts,
For in my silence lies a wounded heart.
Hold onto the moments, the memories you share,
For my sacrifice is a testament beyond compare.

In the tapestry of life, i weave my pain,
But my love for you will always remain.
So honor a father's silent sacrifices each passing day,
For in his selflessness, he'll forever stay
Written by Johnny707 (John M. A. Anderson)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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