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Sometimes things don’t go as planned.              
After knocking chastity off the mountain Kujo felt some kinda way. Maybe it was sadness or maybe a bit of guilt & regret,  well, whatever it was one thing is for sure and that is this; the deed was done! All his dirty deeds were done and cannot be undone. There was no turning back now, even if he wanted too.              
Kujo began to worry his plan was falling apart. Rapidly his worrying escalated into fear, and that fear into panic. Within minutes he was completely beside himself!” His massive blunder could mean the difference between life and death! “I gotta get outta here!” he said out loud and began to change; when all of a sudden “Drake Theron appeared out of thin air on the back-bone of a beat up old broom with a hooded female companion straddled behind him and asks “Need any help?!” Son.              
Relieved to see his dad, Kujo was happy to report that he had done everything asked of him by his Dad. “Perfect!” “Excellent job son, I knew you could pull it off!” “Yeah about that,” said Kujo, I made a huge mistake, then bowed his head.              
“Well?!” —what is it boy?!” “Spit it out!” snapped! Drake, we’ve no time to talk.              
“I used my wand and a magick spell to kill Chastity instead of using my hands,” and so unfortunately she’ll be back and soon! said Kujo nervously!                
“Drake looked horrified!” and in a state of panic said “WAR IS COMING!” “QUICK—!” Toss me your wand Son, and just like that— all three vanished into the night sky leaving the shabby broom behind.              
To be Continued...
Written by Zazzles (Broomie)
Published | Edited 31st Jan 2024
Author's Note
Copyright © October 9, 2023
M. Doucette All rights Reserved.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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