Cultivators Rule This Place

I want to live
To walk along your streets as if a beggar
No story of upcoming ventures
No past to endlessly endeavor

Provide for those who will not pay a Thing back
I walk this place with change in pockets
Blessings to spread if I can

I have sought not
I ask for not
All I want
Has been provided
And as I sit
In sanctuary
Watching nearby
As peace is divided

I help my neighbor
Living in close quarters
Generations under one roof
The elderly
Wanting for healthy
Days only attainable by youth

My back is sore
My legs are tough
The languages I speak
All are rough

As peace evades them
Sleep evades us
Sounds of suffering means
No rest can come ...

Until then

Utopia is the green on my lawn
The spawn of old feelings long dead yet still abroad
The concrete beyond my borders
They give cover not
For I still see where I can give
This splendid splendor of our lot

I shall spread it
And think of those who need it now
Not tomorrow
Become of them to protest sinking brow

In this human stature

I can only hope
The world I grow
Produces wise children
Who sew change to undo sins
Normalized by the old disillusioned
With no vision

Even if I live
For one
I will find peace
In a friend
Starving in the street
Meant to ascend
Through my blood
And my sweat
It is voluntarily given.
Written by jenny_is_hungry
Author's Note
There are cultivators of many talents in this place. You can use these talents for good or become the devil the world heeds and needs to fight. Your choice. I could be a monster and a very formidable one at that. Only, I go after the strongest where I could have been an ally. Screw that. I'll take my freedom and fight for yours, even if you can't. Were all bred for a different purpose. Where there are wise and practical, there are lines. Pick the side that serves you. Hope you are not so weak as to prey upon the weak, for you fall prey to oneself. Such a catch 22, the right path is never easy. Especially when one concentrates the weight of the world upon oneself. You're not that important. But you can make life possible for you and those around. You're own version of heaven.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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