The witch patch 46, 47,

 The truth doesn’t always set you free!                                        
“WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!”                            
Slurred sally, who btw could barley stand.          
“He said, “KUJO’S  full name, “Your Son!” “You dirty trader!” snapped Velvet,” then lunged for Sally’s neck! “Grandfather Kane, got in the way “demanding!” “we don’t have all the facts!” Velvet. Kane waves his hand and wakes Giles out of his meditation with a twist if his wand. Everyone else is reeling with unimaginable emotional horror!” “And then it hits me!” “CHASTITY!” I damn near faint from the reality that this could be true! and that my baby sister is in danger with a murderer! Kujo, our Kujo,                                          
“No—way!” it can’t be true! my mind went numb as did my body. My great uncle Leo, on my mothers side, caught me as I staggered forward  and fainted...                    
Pippa looked insane with rage and demands everyone to “shut-up!” then helps her son Giles sit up.           
“Feeling better Uncle?” asks Velvet, then quickly asks, “Is it true? Is it really Kujo?”    
— Rocky came around next to Velvet to listen in closer, in-fact we all formed a huddle around Uncle Giles to hear better.        
I’m afraid so said Giles, and that’s not all;    
I saw Kujo clearly sneak into Delilah’s bedroom and then shoot her in the neck with a needle full of poison. He then did the same to Sawyer, then dragged his limp body into Delilah‘a room for whatever reason, and left him on the floor next to hers. Delilah’s body fell on her plush oversized floor pillow so there was no sound when she hit the floor. Kujo then went back to his bedroom after first starting the fire in the foyer.                    
Giles was able to reach as far back as seeing kujo throw the brick into the kitchen door window, and put the note on the front door    “And then!” Giles face turned tragic. “Omfg!” Screeched Giles!” What is it? spit it out Son! spit it out! Urged Kane. Dickie is not Kujo’s father, Drake Theron is!                                          
“SO IT IS TRUE!” YOU EVIL BITCH!”                    
“Screamed!” Pippa, but before she could wave her wand “Honoria bum rushed Sally and punched her dead in the mouth while kicking her between her legs!” Wasting no time Tessa takes a shot, using her wand she grabs Sally and forces her down on the floor on her back then flicks her wand again and slams a sharp metal tongue gag onto her tongue then zaps Sally into a one piece body harness binding her feet and hands behind her back.                    
“My turn!” I said with a voice that almost scared me! I am so enraged with betrayal I have black spots in front of my eyes!” Using my wand I fastened sally into a one piece latex body suit from head to toe. Then, Grandfather Erik took over and finishes the 1st stage of Sally’s punishment by attaching a heavy duty steel collar & drag-chain, around Sally’s neck then dragged her out of sight and chucked her into a broom closet on the other side of the house until later. Btw, Erik used his bare hands instead of magic.                                        
Lucky for Sally, there are two tiny nostril holes so she can breathe, well for now anyway.      
Dickie shakes his head in utter disgust and chucked his wedding band into the family room fireplace. ”                                        
“Now in a panic!” Kane calls Michael McGovern “demanding!” he release the Aunts and uncle at once!” He then sent his granddaughter a warning using telepathy, but was unsuccessful.                                                    
Meanwhile everyone put on their flight suits using magic and grabbed their brooms. However, the grandparents had a better plan.                                          
“Hang on!” yells Tessa urgently!                                        
Next thing I know we are all at the foot of Mount Wachusett, on the north side of the mountain. Tessa was first to notice a little child lying still on the ground a few feet away from where we all stood.                    
All of a sudden two bursts of energy appeared each materializing into two people. One was Michael, McGovern, and the other Madonna Breakstone, alive in the flesh.                                        
“I swear on everything I hold dear, Madonna was staring straight at me!” Honestly— I felt a warm sensation comfort my heart, rather than the terror i had built up. In fact I didn’t feel any fear at all.                      
“Everyone please step aside” said Aunt Madonna fanning her way through everyone with her decrepit grandma arms flailing about. “Help me Zane” she said and he did by putting his arms around her back helping her to the ground in front of Chastity. Madonna gently cradled her 10th generation niece into her arms, as best she could, then put her lips aroundChastity’s breathing life back into her dead body sacrificing her own. And so Aunt Madonna is no more and remains a pile of smoke & ash laying on earths floor…                                        
To be continued….                                        
During the transportation from the terrarium to the real world, both Maximus and Melody died from the compression. Madonna was the only one to survive. Turns out, based on Michael’s account, Maximus told him they were not guilty of any of the crimes they were accused. And that he believed it had to do with Madonnas chair at the Witches Council..                            
Written by Zazzles (Broomie)
Published | Edited 31st Jan 2024
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M. Doucette All rights Reserved
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