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Bust A Nut

Aaah the children of the night awake me
I arise to their wails of being hungry
Iím wearing a cloak of darkness, but Iím totally nude
I hunger just as them and consider their complaints rude

Floating to the window to look at the nightís sky
Thereís a slight breeze about the courtyard, as the moon moans and sighs
My bats fly to and fro feeding the young in their roost
One brought me info on one lying on the hillside waiting to be seduced

I saw through my childís eyes that your beauty is treasured among men
But lying there on the hillside, yes, you have denied them again and again
Yes, I could taste your virginity, mmmm smell that innocence
Simply to receive your pain would be a treasure Hell sent

I salivated as I soared across the moonís chilling face
Feening with a hunger so strong that my dead heart gave race
Ahah, I could finally see you, a raven haired rebel
Are you dreaming of me, dear succubus, a night with the devil

You are so indifferent to the ways and traditions of your clan
Boo, you refused to cede to whatís expected or the advances of every man
And I watch as you lied upon the hillside so far away from your caravan
Youíre wearing only a night gown with nothing below, although there are demands

I lower myself to the form of a wolf as I hear them crying off into the distance
Yes I smell the freshness of innocence between legs and on fingertips as I lower my stance
Me a wolf slithering upon the ground as if a python and then licking your finger tips
Commanding the hem of your gown to rise and marveling at your smeared pussy lips

Mmmm, I could see into your past as I sucked and licked at your fingers
There are ways within the beast in me that hidden knowledge now lingers
As a wolfís paw now transform to that which is Me
As I lick the contours of your lips and ever so gently touch your pussy

You awake with a startle, but our eyes lock as I fucking transform
I soothingly coo your name commanding you to release and conform
Your thighs release their grip upon my hand, as you open your mouth
Yes boo you accepted my forked tongue and my hand turning you out

Fucking talons teasing your clit as I slithered down, ah your neck was bit
Continually holding eye contact as my forked tongue squeezed and released each tit
As my talons breached your maiden head, you like a fortress seeped forth
Hahaha, but youíre still a rebel offering and yet hiding the source

But I lowered myself with blood trailing from bloody neck, mouth, and now bloody pussy
And now my forked tongue join forces with my talons and take your virginity
Running my talons and tongue through raven black hair that matches your mane
Savoring the taste of virgin blood from a pussy is never the same

You had denied so many pursuer saving yourself for this night
As I lick my smeared talons and forced my tongue into a hole to tight
Squeezing, releasing, and flicking your clit with my tongue all around
Tearing at her pussy lips and tonguing your hole before sucking your clit down
The children of the night howl as they tear and rip as they feed
I match their ferociousness, as you quake, and I eat with a greed
With talons raking marks from your breast down across your thighs
I flipped you over onto knees, allowing the moon to show the entrance to your backside

The hunger was so great that I bit your ass and fed from both holes
The darkness overtook me as I reared up and entered her pussy with nothing but pole
Those virgin whimpers and moans urged me on as I began to transform
My ears, nose, and chin all grew longer than their norm

As you became the she bitch as you whimpered while looking up at the moon
And as I became our master, I forced more dick in making room
Scratching at your back, slapping and tearing at your asscheeks
You are cumming so fucking hard that you canít even speak

As I raise my head to the sky howling again to the children of the night
You began grinding and thrusting your hips trying to take more of the pipe
But you know after tonight you will bring me this pussy whenever I call
By the time that you are a mistress of the vampire, haha, you will take me up to the balls

But for now your howl is no more than that of a bitch pup
As I lick and tongue your ass hole, and as Iím pushing dick, hell yes we fuck
Biting on your nape and shoulders, with the blood now promising me that youíre corrupt
I sink talons into both ass cheeks howling as you join me in the darkness and to bust a nut †
 † † †

 † † †
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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