Let The Phone Ring From The Depth Of Hell V of V (Blue Candle)

Unto me my mystique has never been compromised, it does not dwell in echoing chaos found in the ruins of dark                
The gluttony souls that bears false witness who cannot give the aspiration of their own existence a divine stark                
You may preach, the beautiful benediction of Psalms, and embrace Proverbs, and realize life is still an evolution, paint me as you wish, I will still become the covenant of my Arc                
If humans would only navigate and encircle the core of their cosmic journey while in celestial flight                
Forgiveness learns to love and do not settle for who’s wrong, who’s right                
Contentment, strife, hatred, low vibrations is never where my mind roams                
There is nothing more degrading then to be in the company of a feminist who sacrifices upon the pyre of the mind from the valley of dry bones                             

Time is marching on, rather you are in the midst of your quiet storms                
Bow your head, pray, and let the Book of Genesis be the force of evolution for your soul to atone, the vessel is not to be reborn                
The spirit of the soul revolutionizes once asunder and torn                
I’m walking my beautiful road on earth, and navigating my starship to my find peace in the sanctuary of my own spiritual home            
What I pray is for is for the future Kings and Queens to feel the worth of their beautiful lineage once again                
Before the adaption of the Ten Commandments to denounce the provocation of sin                
A winging journey, faith, love, serenity of self is not promising a seat on divine throne, only the saint of a soul are promised in            
And you ask me not to preach, not to teach, not to reach                
For the nature elements of the hidden wonders of the world, I will always try in my earthly atonement to seek                                
My embodiment is a beautiful private ride                
I do not reach downward, my eyes to the mountains, as chants, incarnations, invocations, and prayers will be my divine guide                
My doctrine from the soul does not hinder in the debate                
At any rate, it is offering you can see, feel. When your mind and heart correlate in the dynamics of the embracing equate                
I have held hands in the midst of it all                
Do we forsake our Creator when voices, are silenced and feet are not as strong to stand tall                
There are no such gainful offering that a woman could ever bestow on a man than the spirituality haven of her brain                
That entwinement of God touches, binds of destiny past the illuminating light of infinity                
Inflamed souls relishing in the power of its divinity                               

I asked of you to tell me what our hands can do to enlighten wayward souls                
When the Bible, the Torah, or the Holy Quran cannot judge the shoes on anyone’s feet                
The purpose in our life, is to acknowledge or give shelter upon greet                
Anything beyond that manifestation lessens in its value from the heart and cannot or will it ever compare                
My mouth remains silent and may the cradle of your blanket remain dry when the current crumble the foundation below your feet                
If he or she is devoid of attire, then wisdom and knowledge speaks from above                
The true character of unconditional love                

Do not allow the world to encase your eyes with the narrowness’ of false truth, if will only be a lie                
This world has so many rainbows, we are specks among the dust of life, tied by blood, looking for wings to fly                
How can you uphold the light when souls are struggling, no hope                
Suicidal intentions, when time just refuse to wait, minds bedazzled with sacrificial contract, running scared, frightened to sleep when your number is up, your fate is what your reap                
My sacred words, always give me reason, it gives me true meaning, therefore, find your purposes, then tell me the riddle without the key, you can’t, eyes blinded, from the soils of Mother Nature and powers to be me, I do not have to try                  
In the elevation of my journey, debates are like caressing water, to me                
What is not in black and white, the shade of gray is where my faith comfort thee                
The human eyes can only see what is reveled in time                
If you need answers, I will gladly give them to you                
An awakening in the enlightenment of truth, you must seek that from the sky                
Ask the Creator, to explain the Seasons, where they interchange                
Human beings are still at the bargaining table of peace, asking, how, when, and if ever why                
Put The Closed Caption On And Just Let it Flow              
I do not claim the copyright rights to this song or the rights to this video by the artist Dax, used for entertainment purposes only
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 1st Oct 2023
Author's Note
This is the fifth song from my Dax's playlist collection that has given credence to my spiritual poems. There are dark forces in this world .

May you be blessed and say strong in your faith, and do not allow anyone to drain the forces of your beautiful divine enlightenment.

Let that phone ring..
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