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She Loves Master Chapter 11 part 11 of 21

She Loves Master
Chapter 11 part 11 of 21

“Mandy we all love Ben, our Master with all our heart. He provides for us, and we provide for him. My sister and mother are down in Tuscaloosa.

They are both pregnant with Ben's children, they love him. My father has accepted this lifestyle. I have slept with him several times. He is only about nine” long and has had a vasectomy so he can fuck us in our pussies without a rubber. Master lets his friends from time to time have sex with us, only if we agree and they have a current HIV/STD certificate from Doctor Reynolds. It is your choice if you want to have sex with Ben's friends” Laurie tells her.

“I have had sex with Ben's friends, in particular the movers, although they are not as big as BIG FELLA, they still feel good. I have even done double penetrations and spit-roasting with them” Isabella says to Mandy “My two daughters’ here Emma and Ava love that also.”

“Damn, that sounds kinky. I think I will stick with Master for now. Are you pregnant, Isabella?” Mandy asks

“Not yet but am willing to give him as many children as he wants,” Isabella says.

Emma and Ava come over and start worshiping BIG FELLA. “I want some of this Master” Ava says. She does not wait for his answer straddles him and pushes down on BIG FELLA. “OH MY GOD, I LOVE IT, BIG FELLA IS STRETCHING ME OUT!!” Ava says as she starts to bounce up and down on Ben. She leans over and kisses her sister's lover Peggy.

Peggy has one of her loud screaming orgasms as Mandy looks on “That sounds like she likes what Master is doing. Look at her body shake and quiver.” Peggy then starts to get up and shows Mandy her stream of cum coming out of her pussy.

When Peggy is done Cumming Ben licks her pussy clean as Ava continues to grind out an orgasm on BIG FELLA. When he is done cleaning up Peggy he flips over and puts Ava on her back. He grabs her legs throws them over his shoulders and begins to jackhammer her.

“There you go Master, pound your slave’s pussy. Give me all your cum in my womb” Ava encourages her lover. Ben pounds her for 45 minutes before pushing through her 18-year-old cervix. Ava climaxes every five to ten minutes while Ben pounds her. After he finishes Cuming in her womb, he passes out next to her. Ben is exhausted when Becky comes over and moves him onto his back, she lays next to him as his bed slaves surround him and they all go to sleep. The girls that live in the mansion go to their beds and take a couple of their sisters with them. The ones that cannot find a bed sleep on go and sleep on couches.

Ben is sleeping on the plush rug with his bed slaves, his new slaves Mandy, Ava, and Emma. Sarah and Sam are between his legs and are cuddling with BIG FELLA between their lips. They involuntarily lick and suck on their master’s cock while they sleep. They wake up before Ben and start to suck BIG FELLA back to life. They take turns deep-throating BIG FELLA until he erupts in Sarah's throat.

“I love waking up to you two sucking on me,” Ben tells his lovers as he looks around and kisses his wife, his second wife Laurie. He rubs Mandy's shoulder and runs his hands through her beautiful blond hair. She wakes up and looks at her new Master, “Good morning, Mandy, welcome to your loving family.” Ben tells her as he leans in and kisses her. All the other bed slaves come over and kiss their new bed partner. They welcome her and tell her she is loved. Becky gets up and gets Ben's pills and some breakfast for him. He eats and takes his pills as Emma takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks him hard.

“Master, Can I take a ride on BIG FELLA” Emma asks her lover. “Sure, Mandy come over here and let me eat you out,” Ben tells them, “Yes Master” is Mandy's reply as she straddles Ben's face, and he starts to suck her pussy. Licking her from stem to stern from her clit to her asshole. “Master, you are an expert at eating pussy” Mandy tells him.

“Our Master has had a lot of practice, Mandy” Becky tells her. “This is his job, to make love to beautiful women all day and night. He does other things, mostly involving family business, but this is his first love. Making love to his women.”

Emma is rocking back and forth on BIG FELLA and finally pushes all the way down to the base of BIG FELLA. “Damn, I missed you, Master,” Emma says. Emma's 34C breasts are bouncing as she rides her lover. Peggy and Nadine come over and start sucking on her breasts and then take turns on Mandy's 36d breasts.

“It looks like you are enjoying our new family, sis?” Abigail asks Mandy.

“OH GOD, Abigail, I love my new family. I think I have had at least five orgasms so far this morning. Ben is great at cunnilingus” Mandy tells her.

“I know, I know. See you tonight after work. Love you Mandy” Abigail tells her.

“I love you too sis, I love Master Ben and my new sisters,” Mandy says as she starts to scream out an orgasm.

When she is done, she gets up and lays on the couch next to them. “Abigail, I am finishing Martha's family training today and for the next couple of days. They have their oral training to complete. Would love it if you would witness it” Ben tells her.

“I am coming back after work. Call me if you guys need anything from the drugstore” Abigail tells them. Ben then rolls over with BIG FELLA still engaged in Emma's sweet pussy, he puts her legs over his shoulders and starts pounding her hard and fast. “I am going to cum in your womb my lover,” He tells her.

“Master, which is where you are cum belongs. Get me pregnant if you want, it would be my pleasure to give you a child” Emma tells her lover and master.

“I am next, I want a load in my womb also lover,” Ava says.

“Master get us all pregnant if you want. I am never going to take birth control again, and neither are my girls” Isabella tells Ben. “I want to be pregnant with my daughters, when you are in Tuscaloosa give Mary my love sweetheart.”

“I will Isabella dear, you sure you want all three of you pregnant?” Ben asks her. “Yes, Master. We love you and want our children with you. I want another child. I hope my baby is a boy and grows up to be as strong and handsome as his father” Isabella tells him “I need to get your pills, Master.”

Isabella leaves and goes to get his pills with sixteen supplements and two little blue babies. She goes and gives half to Ben as he finishes with Emma, dumping a load into her for ten minutes. Sophia comes over and sucks BIG FELLA trying to get him hard again. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells her Master, “You need to train me, Master. I want to get my tattoos and become a full-fledged member of this family.”

Ben picks Sophia up and pulls her up onto his chest. With her large breast squished on his chest he kisses her and tells Sophia “Baby, I love you. I wanted to give you time to adjust to your new family. Your father abused you and mistreated you. I will never mistreat you; I will always honor and love you as will the rest of your new family. You ARE a member of this family. I LOVE YOU, and I will train you along with Nadine and the Hawaiian girls when I get back from Tuscaloosa. Is that, OK Sophia?”

“Yes, Master. I love you” Sophia says to Ben as she starts to passionately kiss him and then kiss down his body until she gets back to BIG FELLA. Isabella comes back with his pills, and he takes them. “Sophia, I am going to have sex with you after Ava if that is alright with you,” Ben tells her as she has gotten BIG FELLA hard. “Master, my body is yours. Yes, that would be wonderful. I look forward to having BIG FELLA back where he belongs. Inside of me” Sophia tells her Master as Ava comes over and straddles BIG FELLA.

eighteen-year-old Ava rides her lover and kisses her sister, Sophia, “Sophia, you are loved. I love you. We all love you. You are my sister in love. Oh GOD I am Cumming already.” Ben lets her ride BIG FELLA for about forty-five minutes and 8 climaxes before he turns her over and puts her on her back and starts throttling her hard fast and deep.

“Fuck me, FUCK ME, FUUUCK ME. MASTER, Ben, I love it” Ava says as he fucks her like this for about thirty minutes before he lifts her and turns her over, and puts her on her hands and knees. “Do me doggie style lover, pump that baby batter into my womb, get me pregnant you ARE FUCKING GOD, Master. Pump your willing slave long and hard give me it all, I want to feel BIG FELLA in my womb” Ava says.

Ben does as he is instructed by his lover “God, Becky she is squeezing the fuck out of BIG FELLA. Where did you learn to do that, Ava.” Panting Ava tells him “I read about using your PC muscles on the internet. Do you like it?” “Hell yes, my love.” Ben then picks Ava up slams her down and pushes BIG FELLA past her cervix. “AGH, GOD that hurt,” Ava says as Ben renews his assault on her young womb. “Ahhh, Master, I can feel you in my womb. Put your beautiful seed in my womb. Get me pregnant. I want a December baby, with my sister and mother. Get me pregnant lover” Ava encourages her lover.

“Damn, all my women want to have my children,” Ben says. “You got such a rough life,” Tiffani tells her son-in-law, lover, and baby daddy, “You have all these women that love and crave you”.

“Ava, I want you to teach everybody that technique,” Ben tells her as he pumps a huge load into her womb. When he is done her stomach is bloated with his load. Ben rolls off and lays on his back with BIG FELLA lying on his belly. Sophia comes over and licks her master’s balls and cock clean. She sucks BIG FELLA back to life and starts to push herself down on it. “Damn I love how BIG FELLA stretches me out, I love you, Ben. I am safe with you and feel loved. I am your body and soul” Sophia tells her lover and Master.

Sophia rides her lover to eight orgasms and then collapses on his chest exhausted. Ben rolls them over and starts to throttle her hard and fast. The deeper he goes the louder she screams; he fucks her like this for over an hour and then comes into her womb. He gets out of her, and she looks up at Ben “Master, that was awesome” She then rolls over and goes to sleep.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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