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P-Nut Or Peanut

“Wahwahwah,” yes ma’am
“Wahwahwah,” well it happened like this ma’am
I walked in and found Schroeder fucking Lucy up the ass
Bitch giving it up after all of that football shit, so I started to blast
I left them both slumped over Schroeder’s piano with his dick still in
I jetted from there heading to Peppermint Patty’s place because I needed a friend
She was rooming with this chick named Marcie, and they were dyking on the down low
But Patty always came through when I needed her, on the for real she was my ho
Patty as you know was bi, she took me into the bedroom to calm my nerve
While calling me “Chuck” over and over the dick was served
Marcie came in and found Patty slumped over and riding my dick
The bitch pulled out a knife and started stabbing Peppermint Patty and shit
She tried to kill me also, she dam near got me in the ass and a ball
But I was moving to fast for this bitch to make me fall
I straight grabbed the gat and bust her ass in the head and chest
I called up Pigpen, who had cleaned himself up, and told him to handle the mess
I started to call up Sally and see if She and Franklin could put me up
I would’ve killed Franklin a long time ago if he wasn’t so connected and corrupt
That motherfucker strung my sister out on everything from fucking weed, meth, even crack
If I hadn’t been fucking with Lucy, I would’ve been bust that bitch in the back
I had to go to Linus’s ass, so I stop fucking with him
Woodstock and Snoopy came out as openly gay so fuck all of them
Motherfuckers didn’t want to help me, they even teased that I would love prison
They laughed describing prison sex and I cringed from the vision
Ma’am again I jetted and this is when I met Shermy, Violet, and Frieda
Just my luck meeting this shermed out motherfucker and two promiscuous cheaters
We all went over to Violet’s place and we all got twisted up
This is when Violet asked me, “Blockhead do yall want to fuck?”
Clothes were dropped, as Shermy and I started beating that pussy down
The girls didn’t mind if we switched up every other round
Frieda and Violet were kinda opposites, one had a good ass and the other a good pussy
They both could suck a dick, but one was shaven and the other one’s pussy was bushy
Wahwahwah, yes ma’am, I’m getting to the point
While banging this pussy out, Linus and Pigpen hooked up at some point
Pigpen spilled the beans on what happened to Schroeder and Lucy
Then that bastard joined forces with Linus and came looking for me
They ran into Peggy Jean and Charlotte Braun, and started pumping them for info  
Charlotte Braun laughed while telling everything, remembering Linus calling her a
 fucking ho
Linus and Pigpen were Violet and Frieda’s number one fucking tricks
The girls had them turned out so fucking hard that they would suck each other’s dick
Linus and Pigpen were both crying as they strapped up searching me out
They came over to Violet’s place and burst into the house
Motherfuckers walked in and caught me with my dick in Violet's mouth
Shermy was balls deep up in Frieda’s ass making her scream and shout
I dropped to the floor just as I burst my nut
As I hit the floor, scrambling for my shit, Shermy threw his hands up
Pigpen, seeing what he was pulling out of Frieda, started to squeeze
Violet with cum drooling from her mouth screamed, “no baby please”
Linus, that fuck bitch, took off half Violet’s head and continued throwing lead
Pigpen kept on squeezing until both Shermy and Frieda were dead
As I came up on one knee I bust Pigpen with two shots
I hit Linus in the shoulder as he dove behind the couch
I jetted into the bedroom making my escape
Naked as a jaybird, I dove through the window like I was wearing a cape
There I stopped Rerun and The Little Red Head Girl as they were passing by
Linus ran outside still out to get me and that bitch let two shots fly
Linus laid sprawl, hell I didn’t even get to see him die
The Little Red Head Girl put away the gat and didn’t even asked why
But I clued them in expecting tempers to flare
But Rerun didn’t like Linus and Lucy, his sibling, so they didn’t even care
We were headed to the Red Baron’s hideout when a black and white rolled by
Rerun and I was going to bust The Little Red Head Girl up and then get high
But it was Snoopy and Woodstock, and those bitches knew I was in flight
Bitches turned around and threw on the blue light
Rerun hit the gas and this became a hot pursuit
If we’re caught we’re going to prison so fuck it let’s do it
Snoopy and Woodstock performed a PIT maneuver and Rerun lost control
The Little Red Head Girl pulled out a sawed off shotgun and started to unload
As both cars were spinning towards the barricade and embankment
She popped Snoopy and Woodstock, as Rerun’s chest made room for the engine
The car caught fire and I bailed, as both cars set sail
I climbed back up the embankment, butt ass naked, and two cops took me to jail
Mad about their fellow officers they Rodney Kinged the shit out of me
I told them all of this shit jumped off because of that conniving bitch named Lucy
Wahwahwah, yes ma’am that is a lot of shit to happen in just one day
But it’s really not that much when shit is done the Peanut way  
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 8th Oct 2023
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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