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spread the petals

Once upon a moonlit night, in a world where desire takes flight,
I found myself in a realm of pleasure, where passion burned with fervent measure.
In a garden of forbidden bliss, where secrets whispered with a tender kiss,
I stood before a rose so fair, its petals blooming without a care.

I spread the petals yet once more, revealing secrets never seen before,
The scent of lust upon the air, a fragrance that could make souls dare.
And there she stood, a vision divine, her eyes sparkling like stars that shine,
Her body a canvas of desire, a masterpiece set to inspire.

With a glance, she beckoned me near, her voice like silk, sweet and clear,
She wanted us playing as before, when thunder comes and her toes curl.
Her lips, a crimson invitation, promised pleasures beyond imagination,
And as I approached, my heart ablaze, I knew I was lost in her erotic maze.

She grabbed my manhood with her lips, a touch that set my soul adrift,
Her tongue danced with a wicked grace, teasing and coaxing with every trace.
In a symphony of ecstasy, she moved with a sensuality that set me free,
Her crimson rose, a symbol of lust, dripped nectar upon my aching thrust.

With each thunderous rain of pleasure, our bodies entwined in a rhythmic measure,
Her moans like music filled the night, as we surrendered to sheer delight.
In this garden of passion's bloom, we found solace within our private room,
Exploring desires, both wild and tame, as our souls burned with a fiery flame.

Time stood still in this erotic dance, as we surrendered to love's sweet trance,
And as the moon gently cast its glow, our bodies embraced, a love to sow.
The petals of the rose now scattered, our love story forever etched and mattered,
For in this garden of forbidden bliss, our souls found solace, sealed with a kiss.

So, I spread the petals yet once more, in a world where passion forever soars,
For in her arms, I found my home, where desires bloom and love is known.
In this tale of erotic poetry, we explore a love that sets us free,
Where thunder roars and passion unfurls, in a garden where pleasure twirls.
Written by Shawnna_2000 (Shawnna Shannon)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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