Nuanced ramblings of the nonsensical kind

1. I have a movie poster in my bedroom of the French version of Castle in the Sky directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Le titre dit, << Le Chateau dans le Ciel >> en bas de l'affiche.    
2. I definitely had to Google Translate part of the French sentence above because I've not spoken it in like 3 years. I can read French okay though because my phone language is set to << Français >> (Mais oui oui~)    
3. I don't actually like travelling, but I've never told anyone about it since it seems like the majority of people love it. Of course, it's okay to dislike travelling, but I just imagine saying it in conversation will murder the vibe like one-shot roadkill, so you know, I just don't say anything about it.    
4. I've never tried cheese fondue, and I'm persistently tempted to just blow my next paycheck on it simply so I can bathe in it one day.    
5. My favourite food is chocolate. But I find it cool if you dislike it. More brownies for me, I guess :)    
6. Sour cream in cookie dough ice cream seems weird, but I've tried it as a single flavour and I found the balance between the two really refreshing.    
7. I have a plush toy strawberry named Twinkie. Why? Because, it's perfectly acceptable to name foods the names of other foods--that, and no one can stop me.    
8. On my elementary school height chart, there is just a cluster of lines surrounding the 4'11 mark because to this day, I've been the same height ever since.    
9. Sometimes when I sneeze, I sneak a tissue off of my coworker's desk because I'm too lazy to get my own tissue box.    
10. Once I gave my number to a hot stranger after attending CPR/First Aid training. He was an ex-marine almost double my own height. I remember that he gave me the same vibe of the lead protagonist of the TV show SEAL Team (not a bad show, honestly). Frankly, I gave him my number thinking he wanted a friend, since he just moved to my city, but turned out he wanted it to be a bit more intimate than that...
Well, that's it for my nonsense tonight~ thanks for reading everyone.
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