gossipers.. But first..

Bad Luck Dumfries Police.
 Maybe it is time you amend the entry requirements for “The Force”, from “basic fitness” and “no qualifications required” to “Adequate fitness” with at least one o’grade?  
Maybe then you will improve the 2% conviction rate.
Hell, maybe you could have even got me convicted.
It seems the local gossips still have not quite comprehended the situation.
Let me try to clarify it for them.
The police along side the NHS tried to section me for calling out rape.. And failed.. I won the battle.
The police and NHS have made multiple false statements to discredit me.. And I have, and  I can, prove them bull. I win.
The police, on false information, attempted to get my driving licence revoked.. They failed.. I won the battle.The information the NHS and police held about me was swept aside by a team of government officials.. They took my side..  Lets not forget the police statement was also proven FALSE.
I won.
The police then charged me with 13 breaches of the peace.. Well what do you know I won that too.
The police tried to get a false statement to stick in the national press.. Yeeaup..I won that battle too.
Number 14 breach of the peace nose dived too. I won.
My confidence hath soar-e-th-ed to unbearable proportions an for that I am truly thankful.
In essence, all considered, if you, the gossiping creamers, had won I would not be free to travel the world, free to physically outpace the majority of you, financially free, obligation free, debt free independent….  
It is clear to me the police did everything they could to get me incarcerated, all over the national papers and for whatever reason they FAILED..
They failed so, I am afraid, so did you.
The police cannot issue information, you think is true, into the national press because they can prove nothing and the reason why they cannot prove anything is because either they were barking up the wrong tree or they were too incompetent to find the evidence to charge me..  
Look at the resources the police have; multiple organisations, detectives, constables, consultants, associates, voice and behavior analysts..
 Multiple organisations and the reason why they can do nothing is, it seems, because they do not have the expertise or the know how to find me guilty..
 Not for lack of want.  
I fear it is all over their heads..  
Out of small town minds capabilities.
If you had of won I would be facing a 6 month prison sentence for falsifying information to Dumfries police… Et al..  
You know that as much as I do.
Yet I am free to do whatever the fu… I want..
 So either I am very, very, very intelligent to outsmart “professionals”, the professionals are ALL “incompetent” or my testimony is true and even the best attempts of professional manipulation cannot suppress my, the, truth.
I won my battles.
Thus far how I fight my battles generally works and as I can persuade team of neutral professional government officials to stand against, what I see as discrimination, of the local police and nhs so I can do it in the future.  
You lost and I thoroughly recommend any future victim not to report anything to the Dumfries police or NHS. Get out of town, across the border before you speak one word. You have read my last police words, I suggest you interpret it as I did, you as a victim, take second place to police, council and NHS victim blaming.
And, gossipers, my contempt for you and your slug trail of backward, save the rapist, opinions is unfathomable to me.. You stupid mammy flap mother f… You think you can judge me on gossip? Well that is exactly why we have a court of law and exactly why a non jury system is being introduced in cases of sexual violence..As far away as possible from a bunch of inbred gossips like you who have not evolved since your ancestors  burned nine innocent women on whitesands in 1659 for their own twisted entertainment.
Ps.. 70 km bike ride Dumfries police? By the looks of those mammy flaps handles, pretentious show pony gymnasium princess complete with diamante thongs and their pubic haired beer bellied husbands, it would be a waste of breath to invite all those gossips to join us. Could you imagine the mess they would make of the military road?  
Written by tomyaccusers (jackie bywater)
Published | Edited 19th Sep 2023
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