The One Winged Butterfly

She'd been lucky once
As a caterpillar
dropped from the beak
Of a hungry Sparrow
This time though
As a full grown butterfly
She'd been breeze blown
Into a somewhat sticky, and dewy
Spiders web
And when she saw the spider
With it's seven legs
Moving across the web towards her
She knew that this was it
Just hoping it would be quick
And just as the spider
Was about to weave
What would of been an ironic cocoon
Within a silken purse
A heavy bumble bee
Came crashing through the cobweb
Blown off course
And laden with bags of honey
Thus freeing the butterfly
But unfortunately
Breaking off one of her wings in the process
She landed comfortably enough
Upon the soft springy moss
Whilst the  spider was wrapping up the lost wing
The now, one winged butterfly
Tried to flap it's one wing
But to no avail
So decided to start walking along the springy moss
Not quite sure where she was going
Nor how she was going to get there
She decided to climb up a tree
So as to view the landscape
And then decide in which direction looked favorable
She'd seen leaves fall from trees
And how the wind sometimes scooped them up
Taking them quite a distance
So the one winged butterfly
Decided to drop like an autumn leaf
As she rode on the wind
Her first few attempts
Were fairly hopeless
But once she'd got the hang of it
And came to understand
The ways of the wind
She commenced her journey to the nearest flower bed
The sky began to darken
Which filled her full of dread
As her night vision
Unlike sister moth
Was poor
A flicker of moonlight
Broke through the heavy black clouds
And saw ahead
The most beautiful flower
She let herself go one final time
Free falling into the night
Using her one wing
Like a ships rudder
She timed this to perfection
Landing right in the middle
Of this most beautiful of flowers
The beautiful flower made a sound!
The one winged butterfly
Had never heard a flower talk before
And wondered again if she was in danger
Was this talking flower
About to close its petals
And eat her?
Then the flower moved
And what the butterfly had thought was petals
Were actually wings
The butterfly had heard
Of old butterfly tales
Of beautiful winged flowers
That mostly only appeared at night
And were oft seen by sister moth
Sister moth called these strange creatures
The flower then spoke to the butterfly
"Why have you only got one wing?"
The butterfly explained all the events
Leading up to this moment
And felt more hopeful
That this curious creature
Would do her no harm
The Fae creature spoke again
Explaining that she knew of another Fae friend
Who may be able to help
And that this friend was called Freya
A butterfly Fae
And that she is good at wing repairs
The flower Fae, picked up
The one winged butterfly
And took her to the nearby woods
Freya was quickly and easily located
And the one winged butterfly
Was surprised to see Freya
Was as white as a dusty moon
Freya examined the butterfly
Then commenced weaving a new wing
Ironically using
Silk from a spider!
And the sap from a nearby dark tree
To seal the wing onto the butterfly
Then, both Freya, and the flower Fae
Stood either side of the butterfly
and fanned their wings
To quicken the setting of the sap
Within moments
The one winged butterfly
Had two wings again
She flew in circles
With the joy of it
Joined by the two Fae
A large, somewhat grumpy moth flew by
Known by moths, and Fae alike
As grumpy George
Who muttered "stupid butterflies!"
Just before he flew repeatedly
Head first
Into an old street lamp
The Fae found a safe refuge for the butterfly
So she could rest
And be refreshed for the light of day
She awoke to glorious sunshine
As her heart leapt again
With the joy of it
She glanced at her new wing
And noticed that whilst asleep
It had become a little moth eaten
But nonetheless
Was in full working order
Unworried that it looked a little tatty now
Just delighted to be floating on the wind again
As she drifted over the undulating beautiful landscape
Thinking of the strange magic
Of the beautiful Fae creatures
And also remembering
To steer well clear
Of cobwebs!

by Jemia
Written by missjem56 (Jemia de Blondeville)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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