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Captive Embrace

Minsk, Belarus

Marcus walked out of the bathroom. He looked down at the bed, his white thob and white ghoutra laid across it. He hopes the plan that everyone agreed upon works. He wanted this damn nightmare to end.
Marcus lifted his glock and checked the chamber to make sure he had enough rounds in it to plug the man that was responsible for kidnapping his woman. He placed the weapon down; he then lifted his 357 Magnum Revolver and checked the chamber. He placed the weapon back down on the dresser.
Marcus lifted his attire and began to dress. He looked over at the igal that sat on top of the dresser. He wanted nothing more than to be in New York right now with his beautiful woman.
Minsk, Belarus

Zaniyah stood at the dresser admiring her presence in the mirror. Her reflection looked nothing like her. The make-up artist summoned by the house servant did a spectacular job. Her best features were more prominent. The bronze blush to her cheeks highlighted her skin.
There was a knock at the door.
Zaniyah clenched the knot in her towel. She turned toward the door.
“Come in.”
Dmeshii twisted the doorknob and entered one of his guest bedrooms. He pushed the door close.
“I was wondering…you look very beautiful.”
“Thank you, you must give credit to your house servant. She rules this residence with an iron fist.”
Her eyes darted down to his hirsute chest wall, to the white towel knotted around his mid-section.
“Yes, she does.”
Silence greeted the two.
“Did you need anything?”
Dmeshii slightly cocked his head to one side. He looked down at Zaniyah’s legs.
“Could you provide it to me if I tell you?”
Zaniyah automatically blushed.
“Make love to me Dmeshii.”
Zaniyah could not believe she asked him that.
Dmeshii rushed across the bedroom. He lifted Zaniyah up.
Zaniyah wrapped her legs around Dmeshii’s back.
 Dmeshii carried Zaniyah over to the bed. He leaned over and braced Zaniyah’s back against the silk bedcovering. He uprooted his person and unraveled the towel from around his midsection. He leaned downward and unknotted Zaniyah’s towel and opened it. He joined her in the bed. Dmeshii leaned his head downward and took one of Zaniyah’s breasts into his mouth.
“Oh Dmeshii.”
Dmeshii held Zaniyah’s arms down; he sucked on the other breast.
Zaniyah palmed Dmeshii’s chest wall.
My God, the man’s chest was huge and muscular she thought.
Zaniyah looked down at Dmeshii’s manhood. She did not know if her vaginal walls were ready for another bout with the width and length of his solid erection.
Dmeshii kissed over Zaniyah’s soft downy hairs.
“Your skin is so smooth, and touched with a beautiful hue. I can’t stop myself from wanting to touch you. Oh God I’ve wanted to taste you all day long.”
Dmeshii lifted Zaniyah from off the bed. He held her over his head.
Zaniyah straddle Dmeshii’s neck.
Dmeshii held Zaniyah under her arms so she would not topple over. He backed her spine against the wall and began to insert his tongue inside of her.
Zaniyah held Dmeshii around his head, as he continued to stick his tongue in and out of her pussy.
Dmeshii held Zaniyah up by her upper back and walked over to the bed. He braced her back and lowered her to the bed. He climbed between her thighs.
“You are so beautiful, I know you arrived here under a set of different circumstances, but for now, this is our time.”
Dmeshii bent his face downward and kissed Zaniyah’s lips; his lips skated down to kiss a breast nipple.  
Zaniyah palmed the sides of Dmeshii’s face in the cup of her palms and lifted his face upward. She leaned her face upward and kissed him. She opened her legs wider.
Dmeshii dropped his hand down to his dick. He massaged the opening of Zaniyah’s womanhood with the tip.
Zaniyah looked down. From what she could see.
Dmeshii’s hand secured an obese and lengthened manhood.
There was no way she could handle the size of his manhood again.
“Dmeshii I can’t. You are... too..., too big.”
“I want hurt you.”
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah on the lips. He attempted to enter his manhood into Zaniyah’s taut vaginal canal. It was too constricted; he had to inch back.
“Baby, pull it apart.”
Zaniyah divided her vaginal opening.
Dmeshii inserted the tip of his penis inside.
Zaniyah’s body tensed up.
“Relax baby.”
Zaniyah held her breath as Dmeshii’s dick slipped over the threshold of her pussy.
Dmeshii’s manhood gave Zaniyah’s vaginal walls no room to breathe.
Zaniyah began moving slowly.
Dmeshii grabbed Zaniyah’s buttocks and began to thrust inside of her.
Zaniyah held Dmeshii by his upper arms and gyrated her pelvis into his groin.
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah while stabbing his erection inside her. The tautness of her vaginal walls increased his need to drive his manhood deeper.
“Oh Dmeshii, you feel so good.”
“Zaniyah... your body feels...”
Zaniyah kissed Dmeshii on the mouth; she then kissed the curly hairs springing from off his chest. Zaniyah wrapped her legs around Dmeshii’s limbs she continued to move her body wildly.
Dmeshii pumped faster. He kissed Zaniyah’s lips; he scooted back and sucked on a breast.
Zaniyah pulled Dmeshii’s body back against hers. She was about to climax.
“Dmeshii you have to take it out, I’m about to cum.”
Dmeshii pumped harder; he arched his head backwards and released himself.
“Oh…fuck,” he groaned. “Shit.”
Dmeshii’s seed rumbled out of him.
Zaniyah withered her body to the energizing sensation; she held Dmeshii tighter and climaxed.
“Oh Dmeshii,” Zaniyah moaned.
“Shit...shit.” Dmeshii groaned. “Fuck your pussy is grabbing the tip of my dick.”
Dmeshii increased his pumping; his manhood suctioned Zaniyah’s vaginal secretions. He kissed her lips and decreased his bodily movements. Dmeshii tenderly kissed Zaniyah on the side of her neck. He kissed her earlobe and moved his manhood inside of her slowly.
“Please tell me that you do not have any communicable diseases?”
“I do no waste my time lifting every woman’s skirt.”
Dmeshii inched his face back; he looked down into Zaniyah’s eyes. He licked over one of Zaniyah’s nipples.
“I still despise you for…for this kidnapping.”
Zaniyah kissed Dmeshii’s neck.
“You’re not the woman for me.”
Dmeshii began to move his manhood inside Zaniyah’s vaginal cavity.
“I know you’re not the man for me.”
Zaniyah wrapped her legs around Dmeshii’s waist. She kissed his lips.
Dmeshii lifted himself from off Zaniyah and flipped her over. He positioned her buttocks in front of his groin and entered her from behind.
“Damn, you feel..., I can’t get the words out.”
Dmeshii began banging his dick inside Zaniyah’s pussy. He leaned downward and cupped her breasts from behind.
“Aah baby, your dick feels good in there.”
Zaniyah placed her palms on Dmeshii’s thighs to brace his penetrating piercing.
The man’s dick was nothing to reckon with.
“You... feel... Oh damn you feel...”
Dmeshii took Zaniyah’s body to the bed as a ton of his essence shot into her. He palmed Zaniyah’s hips as his release saturated her womanhood.
Zaniyah hoped she would get her monthly on time.
Dmeshii kissed the back of Zaniyah’s neck and disengaged his flaccid manhood.
Zaniyah turned around onto her back.
Dmeshii looked into Zaniyah’s eyes.
“That is what I call taming your mouth, and I still do not like you.”
Dmeshii leaned downward and kissed Zaniyah on her lips tenderly.
“That goes without saying.”
Zaniyah pulled Dmeshii’s face in and returned the kiss.
“You will always keep this man’s dick quite satisfied.”  Dmeshii leaned down and kissed Zaniyah again. “Join me for another sponge off.”
“I think I could handle that.”
Dmeshii got off the bed, and held his hand out to Zaniyah.
Zaniyah placed her hand in Dmeshii’s hand and rose from the bed.
Both walked into the bathroom.
Minsk, Belarus
Later That Evening

Several members of the Russian Bratva black limousines drove through the twin black wrought iron gates leading up to Dmeshii’s Sovientnik’s guarded estate.
Zaniyah relaxed her back against the soft leather seat. She looked over at Dmeshii undetected. His dark blue double-breasted Armani suit made him appear dangerous to her, but yet safe. She could not understand why her palms continued to itch with a physical craving every time she glanced at him.
Dmeshii turned his head and caught Zaniyah staring at him he smiled at her. He reached over and laid his palm over her hand.
Dmeshii’s bodyguard asked him a question.
Dmeshii lifted his hand from Zaniyah’s hand and surrendered his attention.
The limousine came to a complete stop.
Zaniyah’s door was pulled open.
The chauffer held his hand out to her.
Zaniyah clasped her in his and exited the limousine.
Dmeshii’s five bodyguards stepped out, and then Dmeshii.
The chauffer pushed the door close.
Dmeshii leaned over and whispered to two of his top aides, “I need you two to keep a close eye on Zaniyah. During this gathering no one is to get one hundred yards of her presence.”
“Yes sir,” his bodyguards acknowledged.
Dmeshii clasped Zaniyah’s hand.
Everyone made the journey to his Sovientnik’s residence.
Zaniyah looked over the grand style château. She noticed several guards surrounded every inch of its existence.
Dmeshii rubbed over Zaniyah’s arms.
“This gathering will conclude at an appropriate time and then you and I can concentrate on making Dmeshii some male heirs.”
Dmeshii leaned over and kissed Zaniyah on her lips.
Zaniyah cupped Dmeshii’s chin and reciprocated the kiss.
Marcus had to place his night vision binoculars down on the ground. He could not believe Zaniyah was consorting with a high-ranking member of the Russian Cartel as if she didn’t have his heart.
Mr. Ramo looked through his night vision binoculars; he counted the guards, dropped his binoculars, and then looked down at his watch. He refocused his binoculars and scanned the area. He noticed three of Dmeshii’s bodyguards stood at the entrance door talking to one of the posted guards.
Mr. Ramo placed the binoculars down; he looked over at Marcus.
“You all right nephew?”
“What the fuck do you think? I just saw my beautiful woman kissing a fucking Russian Drug Kingpin without a care in the world.”
“Suck it up. Before tonight is over, you will be seeing far worse. Now get over it, this shit is reality here.”
“Men, we move on four. Remember the planted bombs will detonate in a half an hour. Let’s feed this fucks a dose of their own medicine,” Special Field Agent Kline said.
“Let’s do it,” Special Ops Ton tossed back.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A chapter from one of my published novels.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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