Screams Never Said

“Remember that time you flirted with my ex”
Yet you fail to mention how you slept with mine.

How you gave me the “photography class” line.
“She walked up and told me”

You saw how he’d hold me
Close to his chest

Never making me feel second best.
“I heard there were more girls”

While I cried in the hall
Did you feel bad at all

“You know I liked him”
No, I really didn’t.

But I suppose you words couldn’t
Ever be wrong and so I believed,

Blocked him and went along
Just you and me.

Til I found out from him
In his passenger seat

You lied on my name while you two would sleep
Not in a bed and the furthest thing from sleep

Did he take your clothes off?
When you said you weren’t pretty, did he still scoff?

At the lies you could utter
As you melted into him like butter

“Remember that time you flirted with my ex?”
Remember when you told him we weren’t friends to have sex?

Or when you broke us apart because you couldn’t stand to see
Him and I being so happy?

Remember when you told your dad things I’d never share?
When he pulled me aside, sat me on a pool chair.

Said it was okay to cry, then asked what was our beef
That’s when I told him your habits with sleep

You ended up crying
Saying you didn’t mean to hurt me.

So I believed it.

“Remember that time you flirted with my ex?”

The one that smells like onions and thinks he’s a predator apex?
No, I don’t. I remember us three, make that four

All on Halloween, knocking door to door
Collecting candy

But in a few simple words that could all be forgotten
Erased like a mistake on that math test you’d gotten.

Cleaned like your fridge on a Friday night while I cook.
Fettuccine and chicken, a little too salted.

When you tried to sneak him in and kept asking for my help

“Remember that time you flirted with my ex?”

And I want you to stop.
Stop talking.
Stop remembering.

Because I cannot.
Why would I do that

It breaks the girl code,
But you said that I did,
So it must be true,

So again we move on just me and you.
Until the next time those words leave your lips

Roll off of your tongue,
As we both sit.

Sit down to eat fettuccine too salted.
Written by TheOnlyAlliCat (Aloe Megee)
Author's Note
Same story as Unloving, just a little different.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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