Battling addiction

Of course I have faults,
Don't we all?
Sometimes I be trippin,
And sometimes I fall.
But im only human,
Same as you ,
Just doing things that humans do.
Im a good person,
I have a big heart ...
My intentions are true,
An I used to be smart.
I try to be good,  
But its more fun being bad .
I've never been happy,
Now isn't that sad ?
Life is short  ,
and love is for fools....
And im just a felon,.
I've broke all the rules.  
You can teach an old dog  .
A couple new tricks.
But something so broken....
Can never be fixed.
Seeking direction...
Lost in the mist..
Is this really living or.
Do we even exist ?...
Times flying by ...
As I race to keep up.
Hoping and praying ,
For just a little good luck.
Sittin here  watching,
as the world does around ...
Unable to hang on,
As I fall to the ground.  
I know this whole story.
From beginning to end...
If I don't keep on fighting,
I won't ever win.  . ..
I've got to move forward,
Or be stuck in this pain .
Im only human but im
Going insane.  
Searching for something.  
God show me the way...
Before im stuck in the shadows,
Slowly fading way.  
Stuck in addiction,  
I can't find my way out..
I got to have faith,
And let go of the doubt.
I cry out to God and
I fall to my knees and
I pray for the strength...
Oh lord help me please.
Written by Sexyseaschelle (Seaschelle_Fairy)
Author's Note
Just some thoughts I started writing and never finished until now .   And I still feel like its not quite complete.  
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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