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The Witch Patch pages 42, 43, 44

Hero & Kujo                                                            
I’m done! “Stick a fork in me, like I’m truly fucken done! I’m getting drunk “blurted!” Fabian, “Anyone else?” He asks, while looking around their fathers study.“Sounds about right” bellows Uncle Giles, while popping the cork off a new bottle of Brandy.                                                            
Chastity’s wolf pup Hero, is by her side as always but uneasy. Cats adorable care bear cheeks are now soaked with sadness. “I miss them so much, her little voice said at barley a whisper.” Chastity then took in a deep breath and flips out! She balled up her tiny hands into two tight little fists, while simultaneously her face turned crimson and she belts out a flurry of words!                                                            
then fell down to her knees sobbing…                                                            
Rocky, put a strong arm around his baby sister pulling her in close for a whisper. whatever he said worked because she calmed right down.                                                            
Kujo turned, then trots over to Cat on all fours to try and cheer her up. He wipes her tears away with one of his big furry wolf paws. Hero, offers Kujo his teeth with a low continuous growl!                            
“Hero!” “spat!” cat, behave good boy. But Hero wasn’t listening and continues to growl and snarl his teeth at Kujo trying to keep him away from Cat. Wt—? MeMe, tried to distract Hero away with a chew bone he conjured with his wand, but this wolf pup wasn’t having it and stood his ground in front of Cat.                                                            
Kujo bent his front paws down low enough for Cat to climb onto his back and she did totally ignoring Hero’s warning barks.                                                            
Kujo let out a howl that sounded more like a lions roar, then took off like a shotgun blast— right out the back door through the backyard and into the woods with Chastity barely hanging on to his furry back with her tiny hands.                                                            
Meanwhile, Zane waved his wand and then *poof!* brandy, ale, mixers and ice appeared on the table. What? No food this time asked MeMe. Nope, said Fabian, we’re about to get fucked up, work some spells, an fuck shit up!                                              
Uncle Giles agreed to scan his mind for the answers and goes into a trace like state in the parlor.                                        
Grandfather Erik tells everyone with the exception of Giles, to head up to the solarium. By now Kane, Pippa and Tessa are back and have already apparated up to the Solarium. Everyone else nods there heads while grabbing the booze and heads up. Once there and after everyone found a spot to sit, Erik dragged the Gjallarhorn down from its’s resting place over the fireplace mantle, and laid it down on top of a chair. He then guzzles a pitcher size mug of Ale. A stout pitcher of Ale at that. Now that his lungs are lubricated, Erik picks up the ginormous megga-horn and takes a long deep breath. With his face now turning deep red and damn near purple, he exhales a giant size breath into the beast! producing the loudest an longest honk anyone has ever heard or felt in their life! evah!                                                            
Erik then yells “ IT’S ON!” THE WAR HAS BEGUN!” The room explodes Into a thundering clamor of “HELL YEAHS!” and like the raging horde of Viking Scandinavian witch warriors we are, all got stinking drunk cheering to the life of our brother, sister and parents over and over and over again.                                                            
Meanwhile about an or so later, Kujo had changed back and texted Fabian saying he’s at Mount Wachusetts with Chastity for the night. That’s almost 90 miles away thought Fabian, and immediately shot KuJo a text back saying bring Chastity home now!                                        
Literally less than a second later Giles walks into the solarium with a look of utter shock and horror painted all over his face, his body language said it all, causes an alarming reaction from all of us! Before anyone could speak, Grandfather Kane asks “What is it Giles?!” “Tell us!” “What did you see Son?!”                                        
But our uncle couldn’t speak, instead his eyes rolled back into his head as he landed on the floor in a fetal possession. “The wandering witch has left the building!”                                      
Now deep in trance again, Pippa, holds her sons hand and stokes his forehead while whispering a release spell into his ear.                                        
Tell us now what you can see                                        
Tell us now what we can’t see                                      
Bring forth the answers you now know            
Release your words let them flow!          
A few minute later Giles let out a bunch of gurgling sounds. “And then he said it!”        
“HE FUCKING SAID IT!”                                    
“Kristopher Ulysses John Octavia,” Breakstone.                                    
To Be Continued…                              
At around the same time Giles told everyone about Kujo, Chastity was looking down from the top of Mt Wachusett at a staggering hight of 2,2006 feet. The view is both beautiful and intimidating at the same time she thought to herself nervously. I’m cold cousin, I wanna go home.                    
“Sorry kid,” that’s not happening said Kujo and with his wand to pushes Chastity off the mountain without so much as a how-do-you-do!”      
While Chastity was falling and before she hit the ground she tried to deflect her fall using her powers of telekinesis summoning the wind to reverse her path, but it was too late. chastity hit the ground face first…          
To be continued …     
Written by Zazzles (Broomie)
Published | Edited 16th Jan 2024
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M. Doucette All rights Reserved
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