A Retrocausal Solastalgia for Pre-Accident Times

A Spirit-Lion crossed my path  
and stopped to say hello  
the old hyena didn’t laugh  
since she was in the know
An iguana rolled its eyes  
in feigned forgetfulness  
and teasing truth from out the lies  
said “YOU have made the mess”
The more-than-human world looked on  
and turned to have their say  
“the humans may all be soon gone  
because they’ve had their day”
I said “a remnant will survive  
it’s always been the case  
for evolution is alive  
with sense of time and place”
The Spirit-Lion pawed the ground  
observed “from dust you came  
your techno-pride has done the rounds
has rattled earth’s domain
give up your foolish sacred cow  
to rule and dominate;
to symbiosis you must bow,  
we must co-operate”
I said “don’t speak to me, but those  
who run this crazy show  
the psychos in their bunkers, clothed  
in scarcity, and though
your diagnosis fits the bill  
it first will get much worse  
the human race is mental, ill,  
a solastalgic curse”
The Lion said “all’s well my friend,  
because it starts with you  
since consciousness can have no end  
it’s true for every view”
I sat at the piano and  
began to improvise  
renewed my dulled and aching brand  
and cut my cloth to size.
Written by Josh (Joshua Bond)
Published | Edited 27th Mar 2024
Author's Note
Retrocausal: where the present is affected by the future, as well as by the past. It’s a term used in the study of Syntropy (counterpart to entropy) in the field of quantum mechanics.

Solastalgia: “The pain or distress caused by the loss of solace and the sense of desolation connected to the present state of one’s home and territory. It is the lived experience of negative environmental change. It is the homesickness you have when still at home” (as defined on p.200 in Glenn A. Albrecht’s “Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World”; Cornell University Press, 2019)

(photo credit: Joshua Bond, [piano is a Roland FP5])
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