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Give me the spotlight
Give me the spotlight
Give me the spotlight
For once in my life yo †

I wish I had 50 million euros
In my bank account
Just floating there
I wish I had 50 euros in my pockets
But I keep looking like
Nothing there
I swear Iíd give out notes
To junkies because I care
Iíd be buying families houses
And paying off mortgages
Thatís the type of man I am but
I've been running in circle for days
No place to hide from all this bullshit
That I've found myself in
I've got the talent but how
Much talent does it take
It's all about respect but
I crave the dollahs
I'd be broke if I made it at 21
So now I'm going for the pay
Not middle class shit I'm
Advancing up the ranks
Well it's not all about the
Cash flow
But it sure would help though
Have million in the bank
Working for my self
Rolling top self dank †

Give me the spotlight
Give me the spotlight
Give me the spotlight
For once in my life yo

It's evidenced through my genealogy
Every branch of that mother fucker connects to me
I'm just a middle aged apple tree
Fell from kings slipped
Down to the bottom
From all the blood shed
Now I'm just trying to amend things
All the trauma passed down
Like inheritance money
Brien DeRede
Ain't getting no sleep
That's why I am picking
Myself up from the bottom
Iím not putting blame on them
For not helping me
Almost another tragedy
Like passed from the grandfathers
Now to my kids
Fuck that I faced the devil
And the coward never showed
I threw my ice cream cone
In the middle of the road
Just like a little boy and imagined
My body lying flat
Smacked on a rock after jumping
From the top bridge in France
And my kids find me
How fucked would that be man
Come on B do you want to be
Just another stat
You've come so far
Far from the blackness please
Bud donít go back

Give me the spotlight
Give me the spotlight
Give me the spotlight
For once in my life yo

What am I to do
With this next stage of my life/career
Wash dishes sweep floors
I did that shit and it left me searching for more
Left America with 13grand and Navy CV
In a different country I was lucky
White English speaking
As safe as money in trees
I want some Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg leafs
I didnít even smoke until my mid-forties
Iím a new stoner in my new career
Careful not to give in to the addiction
Of anything that makes me feel
Good in the mind
Watches, 20 houses, fast cars, grillz, dollars
I want them all
But when I measure it all up
What kind of love for self do I find
Now Iím light on the load
Iíve got places to go
Friends to greet
Superstars meet
Like minded humans from all societies
I slipped but look what was thrown at me
Iím human perfect in every way
As long as Iíve access to the love in me
Truth is a virtue I speak
Iím not hiding shit
Iíve got two kids to see
Iíll rap live to get
My message across
Itís all for them
This shotís not for me
My lyrics are tight but I hate my voice
Fuck it B you just crashed on earth
Fallen smack
On a Forrest of pines
To the past present future generations
Of the humankind
Youíre all supernovas
Heal yourself change the world let your ego go
Written by Breedlove
Author's Note
Brien DeRede: The Phoenix Risen

This is my concept rap album that I've been working on for the last 3 years! Im pretty fucking proud of it and it captures the raw pain and emotions of the shit I've been through recently. It's pure Expat Americana. Hope you enjoy. †These 18 poems/raps are my masterpiece and I'am moving on for now to write my first novels! Heal yourself heal the word! Let your ego go!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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