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I'll start with this part of the poem disclaimer
The aim of my game is the same now and later
And if perchance I offend with my verses
And ref’rences to Capitalism, gender, and curses
I’ll sit on my hands til a more pleasant time
Where you actually listen to a pertinent rhyme
You see I seen it
Seen the mean green-eyed monster that represents the most heinous
Motherfuckers with the gender stick way up their anus
Telling other buggers they’re the bass-ackwards kingpin
Preach their hate poison "only she/her and he/him,
The others ain’t worth a bag of sin-laden souls
God hates faggots, the bible says so"
Every day I hear tell of the new "queer agenda"
The one where the kids learn its ok to be different
Rule-bending the complex and insolent to the system
Consisting of methylphosphonofluoridate
And octane land-grabbing with a side of white phosphate
They feed them this poison til it comes out their ears
Then grow them up nicely to drown out their tears
And feelings that “this can’t be all” with cheap beers
And spending their Sundays repeating the mantra

But deep in the heart of
That scared little kid that you taught to hate
Exists a small question of themselves and they’ll wait
To see if acceptance or love is forthcoming
And when it does not it's goddamned humbling
Bumbling fuckers with kids who don't feel whole
Who yearn for their bodies to match with their souls
And cry every night cause you call her Kevin
And worried that they might not go to heaven.

Well since you asked nicely I’ll tell you
I’m a sheep of the flock that you fucking hate too
I'm a he/him that loves every slice of the spectrum
I tender my resignation from this cruel lectern
These kids and adults need acceptance and love
From you and from whom you say sits up above.
Well Homey loves all yall with biggest of smiles and hugs if you want them
Cause he willed his days away
Pondering if he could be more
When he came to conclusions he couldn't ignore.

So spit all the poison and garbage you want
Because everyday that you yell and you taunt
And you tease about AIDs and dropping the soap
There’s someone you love that will listen
And Mister?  Misses?
You missed the mark
Cause when Mark becomes Milly and you watch them fly
To find their new home, you’ll sit there and cry
And say “how could I have known?
What should I have done different?”
Perhaps you could start with
Not being a bigot
Written by AveryPineapple (Dan A)
Author's Note
I wrote this a few years ago. It is meant to be a spoken word poem.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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