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Savored In The Softness Of Nirvana’s Cloak

Mm... you are my morning hero    
When I’m laying naked in my bed    
Hair tousled all over my pillow    
Wetting my two fingers    
Slowing dragging it downward to my sacred chasm    
Exploring the gratification of my creamy lust    
Ravishing in the arched rainfall trickling to my fingers    
Nirvana essence kissing the dewy panting of my reverberating Chi    
Oh, sweet mercy yes    
The ending of your flesh start in the steam of our cloak    
Cleansing the silhouette of our souls    
As we entwine in the carnal commune in the dusk of dawn    
Souls entwined the coming together in sacred hedonistic pleasures    
Breathless pants, lips coveted in the saturating anticipate    
Hearts racing, time suspending    
Cresting in the pulsating    
Legs wrapped around the spoken offering his body is giving    
Prisoned within the domination of his thrust I am receiving    
Getting mellowed in the domination of his throbbing    
My eyes closing, softly submitting the will of my soul he's relishing in his robbing    
Deeper and deeper, stilling his progression    
Squeezing my creamy locket as he strokes inside me his master key, unlocking the flood gate to my emotions    
Palms to palms, sweaty, sedated, our bodies shifting.    
Lust and desires drifting in the uplifting      
Loving when he takes my body to the promise land of infinity’s rapture    
Eyes to eyes    
Yearning in the slow burn as the reflection in the window of our souls speaks    
Inscribing unbridled debauchery all over our sheets    
Our bodies drawing a collage of emotions in the abandonment of liquated heat    
Hungered dueling tongues    
Gyrating, my body tweaking    
Honing the long stroking of his kingdom, thy will, we shall come    
My essence pulsating, sharing as one, oh yes, fusing us in serotonin divine incarnate    
Fate receiving the offering of destiny's ecstasy    
Back arched, submitting my soul    
Totally surrendering to the mirage of his flame    
Soothing in the drowning depths created by the fusing rainfall    
Giving me the playwright of his soul    
Branding our story on the softness of my lips    
His tongue slipping inside the promise      
Mm..hum papi    
Whispering endearments in our raging release    
Echoing blissful minds, we cry out    
Whew... sedated in the aftermath of his seal of emotional armor    
Savored in the blending
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.

Karl A. Menninger
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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