On Sight

Really thought you were slick with talking shit about me werenít you?
Guess what?
You thought wrong, stupid ass bitch you look so dumb acting like weíre best friends when in real life you talkiní shit behind my back meanwhile I could give less of a fuck about you or the things you do.
Youíre pathetic, just like every fucking thing you do.
You got the nerve better yet the audacity to smile in my face and laugh and pretend with my real friends like as if the other day you werenít sayiní some dumb shit about me all because Iím not kissing your ass?.
Bitch why donít you bend your ass over so I can shove this spiked baseball bat deep inside and tell me how does it feel when you get fucked by someone you called a friend?.
Stupid hoe you make me sick; You and your fake ass personality, you lack any real sympathy let alone any real class.
By the way howís that man of yours youíve been claiming to be your boyfriend but heís already got another girl on the side oops did I just say that?.
Then I guess you must be his booty call whenever he humps and dumps you then blocks your number and pretends you donít exist isnít that some shit? it must suck to be a side chick to a man who donít even fucking love you.
A bitch like you is always invested in other peopleís lives all because your life is fucked up and full of shit.
Speaking of which howís your kids? You know the ones you talk about killing?
I get dysfunctional, but damn youíre practically narcissistic and sociopathic.
Talk shit about me bitch I got enough dirt on you to murder you then bury your body and leave a fucking tombstone behind so that way the few remaining friends you do have can visit you.
Say Iím the one with the attitude when on the contrary miss Karen letís not even go there when your lying ass has caused more trouble than Kanye West has given the Kardashians so if you want we can go toe to toe any day of the fucking week so when I see you just know itís on sight.
Just know when I see you again itís gonna be on fucking sight!.
Oooh ď man she ainít one to talk she doesnít even have a man!Ē
Oooh ď why is she even coming at me I thought we were best friends better yet even sisters!?!Ē.
Girl, keep my name and my life out your fucking mouth before I slap the taste out your mouth like Will Smith did to Chris Rock at the Oscars and do it with the biggest grin Ďcause I know Iím the only one bold enough to do it Ďcause I donít give a fuck and will shut that trailer trash, entitled attitude down and strangle you with a piece of metal barbwire till you stop breathing.
So donít you dare tell me how to feel Ďcause Iíll be the same bitch thatíll come in kicking and screaming once youíve wronged me one too many times and now Iím about to get homicidal fuck being suicidal if I go down Iím taking you down with me.
Claiming you were sorry for everything youíve done to me when not even a month later you diss one of my friends and talk shit about who heís supposedly fucking.
Bitch, hop off his dick and go suck your borrowed one that you claim is your man and only your man.
Insecure as fuck, youíre practically a two when in your mind you think youíre a ten.
Over here constantly down talking me and girls that are black and brown because you secretly wish you were mixed too donít you?.
You once said we looked alike just because weíre white, but I only see one white girl meanwhile Iím Mixed and proud and represent my roots all day and everyday you canít strip me of my heritage bitch.
You copy my style and claim it as your own when know damn well it ainít, but typical white bitches like you will do that shit and think itís cute, but I ainít lettiní it slide anymore.
So let this be a warning when I see you again, better dial 911 Ďcause itís gonna be on sight!.
Written by MsRockyJackson
Author's Note
This goes out to a very not so special bitch
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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