The Note

I walked to your bedroom,
It was just a typical day
I had to wake you up for church,
Were all sinners, so we have to pray

Pray for forgivness, for it was the day,
A Sunday morning, that we all paid,
You had just been up the night before,
Talking about what I tried to ignore,

God only knows I now wish I had listened more.

I had got to your door, and knocked on the door lightly,
I tried turning the knob but it held a grudge tightly,
This was odd, for it had never done this before,

I was never prepared for what was brought forth.

It was almost 6:50 at that point, church started at 7:15,
I decided we all could go to a later service,
You needed the rest, I remembered when I was a teen,
I went back down the hall, and there I sat in my chair
The chair I sat in when you were a little girl, and I braided your hair

It was 11:00 at this point, an hour away from noon,
It was strange you hadn't gotten up yet,
As I thought you would have woke up soon,
I went down the hall, and back to your door,

I tried to turn the knob again, but it did not budge,
I called for... I don't even remember.
All I remember is the key was there,
And it was turned-

 Turned to the blood bath that soon occured

I felt my face go pale, I felt my eyes go fuzzy,
I was struck with panic,
As the only word that came to me was "bloody",
I could only think of the day before,
As I watched you go into your room and slam the door,

I must have been in shock

Now I'm looking down at your place of rest,

I'm sorry I was no avail to you.
I'm sorry you couldn't get up off your knees.
I should have been there to support you,
But all I did was seize.

We all get home, and I walk past your bedroom door,
I go to mine, I collapse on the floor,
I'm crying. I'm praying. I'm pleading.  
I should have never not listened to you,
I wish I would have realized that before.
I should have never closed that door.
I wish I wouldn't have made you feel like you had to close yours.
Written by ReveresedSilver (Reveresed Silver)
Author's Note
Not related to any personal events..
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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