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Hi I just want to clear
something up for you people.
And I know it's might hurt some feelings
But I don't care people these days
Are so ultra sensitive that
everything offensive them
They can't even handle the truth
That's how sensitive they are.

I'm not a birthing person
I'm not a menstruating person
I'm not a chest feeder, I'm not a costume
I'm not a character
And I surely can't be duplicated in 365 days
Makeup doesn't define me
And neither does my clothes
And for the love of all things good
Don't call me a CIS woman
I'm just a woman.
I didn't get 7 layers of my
stomach cut open
Bringing my daughter into this wold
To be erased by Mr 5 o'clock
shadow in a dress.

We no longer have our own bathrooms
We no longer have our own feminine products
We no longer have our own sports
Men are genetically built stronger
Then a woman They can seriously
Hurt a woman.
Without mentally ill men
Claiming an identity
That isn't even theirs to begin with
Being shoved down our throats

Your girl hood videos
Where you mock us
And think you know what a woman is
and bottom surgery and hormone pills
Will never make you a woman
There's no logic reason
Why a man should be in partnership
With tampons and sports bras

And for anyone to ignowlage any man
That says he's a woman
Because it's the nice thing to do
Is complict and a lie
And I'm not going to lie
To make them comfortable.
And I'm most definitely not
Going to call you by your pronouns
That you made up during this plandemic
Because everyone was so board
In their houses
That just messed up.

These woman wanna bes
Don't know what it means
To be a woman
They will never no what it takes
to be a woman
They can't even define a woman
But they only think they can.
Neither of the 2 genders
Will ever know what it means
To be the opposite sex.
If we were ment to change our sex
We wouldn't need pills or surgery for that
We'd be able to do that adomaticlly
Without complications.

And now you put this garbage
In our children's schools
where it has no business to be
Our children don't need to know about
Changing their sex
Or how to have anal sex
Or how to masterbate
This is disgusting and wrong
On so many levels

They are filling their heads with lise
And confusing them
And they are teaching our children to lie
To their parents about transitioning
How does a 3, 5, 8, or an 12 year old
Make that kind of decision
When they can't even get a
tattoo, drink or drive
Like come on.

And at this point
I'm just tired of being told
That I must be more accepting
And go along with these fruit cakes
And their Crack pot fairy tales.
Well no I'm not going to ever accept it
No we're not going to take it anymore
We as woman and parents
Are not going to allow it
We are going to fight back
Because this isn't normal
No matter how you look at it.
Written by MYSTERIOUS_GIRL (Lizzy_3164)
Author's Note
I'm not a supporter of the LGBTQ community and yes Transgenders need mental help.
I'm cool with gays and lesbians, drag queens are not ment for children or in any area where there are children, drag is only for adult entertainment. If you want to take your 18 year old to a drag club then go ahead just don't be including teens or children under 18.
We don't need pride month that acts like a porn community. Walking around in the nude with unapropriet bondage sex fetish garbage that's only meant for the bedroom and not around children.
It's sickening how these people prance around infront of children.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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