Grave raven

In a gloomy place where sadness holds its grip,
Where lost souls wander aimlessly, consumed by grief,
There exists a forgotten realm, where melancholy reigns,
And the mournful echoes of ravens fill the darkest skies.

Within this somber city, where death rules supreme,
A land of withered flowers and memories filled with pain,
A place where lifeless graves stand, a valley of misery,
And ghostly figures dance among the epitaphs we see.

Under the hollow gaze of the moon, on endless still nights,
A crow with ominous feathers spills across the tombstones,
Its call a mournful symphony, an elegy for the ear,
And its eyes, shining with ancient horrors, pierce the atmosphere.

As I walk through these tombs, where the dead find peace,
Amidst the haunting silence, where all noise subsides,
The raven perches above me, a messenger of sorrow,
Its black feathers casting shadows, as it begins to caw.

Its eyes, like pools of darkness, draw me in,
And within its lonely soul, long-forgotten secrets reside,
It flaps its somber wings, as the world takes a breath,
Echoes of death surround us, as if life has taken its final dance with death.

With every croak it emits, the chilling night falls,
A fog of overwhelming melancholy, as the lantern flickers and bows,
And under the pale moonlight, shadows twist and form,
Drawn to the raven's enticing call, as they nestle within the storm.

Death appears as an uninvited guest, clad in whispers and despair,
While the raven, perched on my shoulder, sings a tune of brokenness,
It leads me to the graves, each name etched in stone,
And in their presence, I find solace, for in death, I am not alone.

The raven, companion of shadows, guides me through the dark,
Its wings providing comfort, as moonbeams cast their light,
And in the smoke-filled air, where sorrow lingers,
The raven whispers secrets, of death's inevitable conclusion.

With every step I take, the burden of death weighs on,
As I tread upon the hallowed ground, where corpses rest and mourns,
From the depths of the earth, cries of sorrow rise,
A symphony of grief, a disguised requiem.

Oh, the silent graves, their occupants long departed,
Yet, I feel their presence deeply, their essence still alive,
In the depths of oblivion, where memories forever reside,
They call upon me to join them, in the darkness that they abide.

The raven's call grows louder, as I descend into the void,
To join the forgotten souls, in eternal night's sweet solace,
The graves await my arrival, their melancholic embrace,
As death envelops me, erasing every trace of life.

Oh, ravens and graves, united in sorrow's embrace,
In this realm of despair, where death and darkness intertwine,
I surrender to their call, as the night becomes my shroud,
And join the silent chorus, in this sacred burial ground.
Written by GraveRaven
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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