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Mood Swing #6 : Resonance

"the power of imagination makes us infinite"    
John Muir    
its gestation was noticed    
not necessarily in the very beginning    
but as time created movements    
a field of enigmatic proportions    
entered into this [p]lane of existence    
enhancing magnetically charged particles    
drawing unto its radius  
two distinct realms of experience    
perhaps it was an experiment of sorts    
a collusion of some faraway gods    
conspiring out of amusement    
or just sheer wonderment    
to poke and prod alchemical essences    
of latent human nature    
stirring alluring possibilities into    
condensed moments of love    
seismic sensations manifest    
as nocturnal aches in chest cavities    
fracturing cores...pouring    
a waterfall of sentiments into chasms    
allowing one to see emotion in vivid color    
hear in between the depth of meanings    
feel the conviction of one's choice    
its weight bearing upon the sub-conscious    
perhaps the vision of Janus can    
reconcile such torrents as    
they magnify within the parameters of the soul    
or maybe that is the wishful thinking    
of restless juveniles    
as words lean towards the latter    
it matters not the spill of consequences    
it never did    
first contact    
was only a staged confirmation    
an act of remembrance..    
a continuance of a long forgotten dance    
between the bold and the beautiful    
a confrontation of gambling spirits using    
unsuspecting bodies as vessels    
placing dares between heavens and hells    
rolling cosmic dices within    
entwinements of the double helix structure..    
fluid in motion..riding the rhythmless vibes of    
chance in hopes of giving birth    
to a new chain of expressionism as    
a single burst of spontaneity    
imagine the rising sign of such a force    
peeking just beyond the horizon    
born never to be cradled    
an entity sovereign unto itself    
imagine the leisurely    
strolls into epiphany's wilderness    
marking the endless paths of    
holographic footprints into know-where as
realization yields its very first truth:    
the journey is the destination    
when questing the infinite    
Written by Naajir
Author's Note
Repost from 2017
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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