The Box (Rant)

The Box:

The experience of choice and fate isn't really a belief, but it's a given, in which to be thankful for, regardless of failure.  It's simply not wise to take things for granted, and thrive on exposing faults in others, to disassociate your own.  Thus, the intejection of imperfection, and the need to solve problems.  Perfection is always possible, whether attained or not, and there's always room to improve, moving forward.  You can "choose" to believe that, in experience, and rely on maximizing such potential.  Not only that, but the evidence of the human spirit is present, in this pursuit.

There is constant potential to change.  It's a response to a cited resource, ultimately, in which it serves.  Whether negative or positive, things happen, and we are put to the test.  Reasons for this involve what exactly free will is, within creation.  Self and/or best guess can be one cited resource, or what is served, in creation.  Another person's insight or persuasion can be cited, or served, in creation.  With the collection of data and materials, ultimately, there is a lot of hypothesis!  What's beyond the creation, in which we're created in, and thus, have the ability to create within, can be another resource to cite, or serve.  Quite simply, we are given free will to learn from in experience, through citing a resource, whether we're aware or not.

Human choice is never autonomous, even if we can create autonomous choice in artificial intelligence.  We're stepping out of the realm of creation, in the conscious mind, only to step back into creation, with the work of hands.  Such is a given "disposition", if you will.  Imagination, where it comes from, where it is, and where it's going, isn't an "exact" credit to give to the creation itself, or even to self.  Do you know where thoughts come from?  It is important to also be thankful to have such an ability - to be able to reason. If we believe anything we create, within already being created, is greater than the creation of creation itself, let alone the creator, we are simply foolish.  We will always be a part of creation, despite the ability to alter and create, as long as we're human beings.  We're simply less than the most grandeur point or resource to cite or serve.  We're not omnipotent on one extreme side of the spectrum, or nothing, on the other extreme side.

We are "in charge", here on earth.  Such is a direct, shared relationship - the mind, and the environment.  The point is, we have depth-perception, in attention span and awareness, as well as visual imagination, and there is no "doubt" about that, on a physical level.  Couple that with the 5 senses, and human beings are quite the incredible creation!  People learn new things every day, even in some of the most vague and mundane environments.  Everything is working towards moving forward, into the future.  This is important, in choices and free will, to experience, as it shapes identity, as well as defines who you are.

There is always a dependence to citing a resource, rather than chance or chaos.  Reasons are also subject to free will, as they can be past, present, and future, and seen different each time, potentially.  How can one "assume" free will doesn't exist?  It would simply be a "choice" to doubt, or disbelieve.  Choices, through experience, shape the course of consequences in life, which become intricately personal, to each individual.  No one person could possibly "conclude" that creation determines choice, as the person can create, within creation, and even "guess" beyond creation, as well as what truth and purpose may presently be.  There is creation beyond creation, and everything isn't just "within" creation.  You can see outside of the box.  The question is: Do you believe you can?
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