The Blaze of Glory

I have it all, and yet
some days
my body yearns
for lack of sustenance;
I starve myself so I might
find a little gratitude
for my abundance †

itís a bit masochistic, isnít it?

Something is missing, though -
the tips of grass blades
slowly gone yellow;
signs that death is creeping,
a long shadow across the lawn;
the color fading from my hair †

I begrudge the passing of time
even while I long to be
more grateful;
a double-edged blade -
on one side certain death
on the other the truth
that becomes visible
only once we cut away all
the bullshit; an ego death
before the real thing

And man, thereís a lot of bullshit.
This season is dragging on,
plaguing me with questions; †
Some days, Iím the Fool
ready to take a leap
of faith without looking,
others find me locked in
a bitter battle of wills
with dead cycles and
past regrets

If only Iíd known Iíd have so many.

But as with all seasons,
this one will end - †
another will come,
and for that I have hope, yet;
Iíve been busy planting, now
I long for the harvest of autumn,
the leaves changing into their
best and brightest before
returning to the earth

I want to do that, too.
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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