Deceptive Shadows

In shadows' dance, manipulation thrives,
With practiced steps, it cunningly strives.
Twisted words, deceit's veil unfurled,
A master's game, a fragile world.

With practiced steps, it cunningly strives,
Illusions woven, truth connives.
Masked intentions, a puppeteer's art,
Strings pulled tight, emotions torn apart.

Illusions woven, truth connives,
Deceptive web where trust survives.
Promises whispered, a siren's call,
Entangled hearts, destined to fall.

Deceptive web where trust survives,
Innocence lost, darkness thrives.
Echoes of doubt, seeds of discord,
A symphony of lies, manipulation's reward.

Innocence lost, darkness thrives,
Shadows engulf, like venomous hives.
Yet the human spirit, resilient and strong,
Shall rise above, expose the wrong.

Shadows engulf, like venomous hives,
But light breaks through, where hope revives.
With open eyes, we shall discern,
The puppeteer's grip, we will unlearn.

But light breaks through, where hope revives,
A truth unveiled, where darkness dives.
Empowered hearts, united as one,
Manipulation's reign, soon to be undone.

A truth unveiled, where darkness dives,
In its demise, freedom arrives.
Unveiling truth, the heart survives.
For in manipulation's defeat, refound lives.
Written by Talk_Derby_to_Me
Author's Note
In crafting this, I wanted to capture the intricate nature of manipulation and its impact on our lives. Manipulation thrives in the hidden recesses, operating like a puppeteer pulling strings, leaving us ensnared in a web of deceit. It is a reminder to be vigilant and question the intentions of those who seek to control or deceive us.

I sought to convey the cyclical nature of manipulation and the repetitive patterns it follows. By shining a light on the shadows, we can break free from the illusions and find our own voice amidst the chaos.

Even if you donít particularly like my submission may it serve as a reminder to cultivate a world where truth prevails, and the manipulative shadows are exposed and dismantled.

Talk Derby to Me
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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