Yay, I No Longer Love You!

for seventeen years  
i thought about you too much  
even though  
we never spent a lot of time together  
even though you hired small planes  
towing massive banners  
to fly over my neighborhood  
with the embarrassing message  
the fact that i loved you  
and i know it was obvious- i suck at hiding things  
seems to have grossed you out  
and i suppose i get that  
you are intellectual  
and i dropped out of tenth grade  
but - not that you care-  
my manager at Burger King  
happens to truly value me  
i'm embarrassed that I shared some of my poetry with you  
i'd think real hard about what I wanted to say  
but I never could much get past roses are red  
violets are blue  
I apologize  
I really do  
and even though you're not slim yourself  
perhaps my weight was an issue  
i mean,  
i know when i first met you  
i weighed 417 pounds  
but i starved my way down to 390  
eager to impress you  
and you didn't even notice  
and yeah, the BDSM thing was a problem  
i never understood why you were into all that weird stuff  
but still,  
when you wanted to play  
i shouldn't have lit up unfiltered Camels  
and insisted on watching Wheel of Fortune  
or knitting yet another  
holiday sweater for my cat  
then there's the fact  
that i am an evil, no good person  
because i told a 'girl'  
who swore she just liked you as a friend  
that i was glad about that  
and then didn't contact her for a while  
thank you for not pressing charges  
so even though i no longer love you  
I don't hate you  
in fact  
i still like you  
and if i am  
as you say  
that's about the only reason why  
Written by Pinkdreams
Published | Edited 8th Jun 2023
Author's Note
No, not a 10th grade dropout. I graduated high school at 17. Never weighed 400 pounds either, etc, etc.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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